• Woman pretending to be a Trump supporter scams Republicans out of 150K
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Because repubs.
Cool, You know, I keep seeing that the republicans are dividing this country, and yeah, that is true. But shit like this, supporting and just choosing to ignore her actions, is just as bad imo. You push people in towards their group when you attack them, and then, all they here is "everything they do is right"
You're twisted inside. Besides, this is a democrat and she's done an outrageously disgusting thing, so technically it's in reverse if she represents the democrats as a whole.
Both parties aren't the same, who are you trying to kid?
First off, I dunno what leads you to think someone named Alice would be a sir. Secondly I have no issue with opposing views. I have an issue with terrible people. Terrible people just so happen to be Republicans at a far greater frequency than Democrats. Also you're taking a stupid joke far too seriously. Anything past my obviously disagreeing with her actions was me screwing around.
Right? Can you imagine pretending to like Donald Trump?
His wife has to do it almost every day and you can clearly see how draining it is for her.
https://soleedus.me/i/2018-11-07_13-19-30.png nIcE AlTeRNaTiVe FacTs ThErE GeNiuS
Soleedus still going heavy on the revenge rating for anyone who disagrees with him. Typical right-wing lunatic. He almost reminds me of South Park's "The Whites" family, specifically the scene where the father said something to Randy Marsh about Hillary not being any better and Randy going like "really, what does that have to do with anything?".
1) I posted that 2) I was mostly joking because I look down on anyone who falls for indiegogo, gofundme, or kickstarter scams(call me an asshole, I'm okay with that on this) 3) I have actually said that you should feel free to charge her of a crime, but it would be hollow and hypocritical to do so in context of the message delivered by Trumps election. Being a fraud, and a con artist is the highest calling an american can have now, it'll get you the presidency.
Agree with your 3rd point. If you're gonna charge Hillary for whatever silly shit she did, we should be charging Trump for all the negligent horrible shit he's done in his time in office such as pissing off the LGBTQ community by trying to get all trans individuals kicked out of the military, putting immigrants in concentration camps and causing immigrant kids to commit suicide because of the separation of their family, etc, etc. What's fair is fair. Trump at this point to me is like Hitler Jr. He hasn't gone "Final Solution" crazy yet but it's only a matter of time.
republicans are cunts and scum of the earth. hope republicans get cancer and die
Honestly though can anyone scam Republican voters more than they have already been scammed by the Republican party?
nobodys still going on about hillary other than you champ no shit you posted that garbage. he agreed with it
He's banned lol.
We don't like Republicans because they don't want people to be protected from these things. The rights and protections we fight for must extend to those who disagree with them or we don't really believe it at all.
get over it.
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