• People Burn Grenfell Tower Effigy At Bonfire Party In Sickening Video
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https://www.lbc.co.uk/news/london/west/kensington-chelsea/grenfell-tower-fire/people-burn-grenfell-tower-effigy-at-bonfire-party/?fbclid=IwAR3b2q7bVUljVplkpJdnEf_EPEZLR_5HJ7HAPxO9LW-2Mg4DQ8pgngInQEs Sickening footage has surfaced of a group of people cheering and laughing as they torched an effigy of the Grenfell Tower at a Bonfire Night party. The cardboard model had drawings of people, including one woman in a burka, stuck on the front of what was made to look like windows. The crowd of people could be heard shouting “stay in your flat” and “help me, help me” as the Grenfell Tower effigy went up in flames on the bonfire. At one point, one person said: “Didn’t it start of the 10th floor? We should have turned it upside down”. Christ... this was a pretty recent event where a great deal of people died, so I'm pretty surprised at how callous people can be.
About on the same tier as the 9/11 mattress sale.
not sure why there's surprise this shit happens. you have free outlets to be creative with ur offensive nonsense.
Extremely bad taste but not illegal at all right? And calling this a racist act...what?
I don't think it should be illegal - not at all. My only implicit message is that these people are massively sociopathic.
This is worse than the nazi pug hopefully these sick bastards will get life sentences
I mean, your post is obviously a joke, and I think most liberals agree that he should not have been prosecuted for the pug thing, but I still think it's worthy of public criticism. Public critique is what freedom of speech is all about, right?
Grenfell had lots of minorities in it, the effigy has some Muslim women on it and someone can be heard laughing saying " That's what happens when you don't pay your taxes". It definitely had a sinister tone to it at least.
Can you elaborate on what you mean by "no"?. I am just some guy - do you mean that people should not teach their dogs silly tricks or that freedom of speech is something else? ...
That's incredibly ridiculous. Just tell us what you mean in plain English and we may be able to parse it...
why are you talking to him, you know there's no rule here any more to respond properly. freedom of speech or not, they published it which glorifies anti-social behaviours. if they did it in their own homes and not share it on instagram then nobody would give a shit.
Five people arrested.... Five men arrested over Grenfell bonfire video
When something shitposts like that, you shouldn't humor them further...
I didn't realise he was shit-posting, to be honest. I thought I just maybe misunderstood.
Am I going to hell for having a slight chuckle at the headline?
First, let's point out that an effigy is a representation of a specific person in the form of sculpture or some other three-dimensional medium. So not an effigy LBC. As disrespectful and bad taste as this is, arresting people for setting fire to a "representation of a building in cardboard allowing it to burn effectively" (not an effigy) is little more than baying to a virtual lynch mob. Roy Chubby Brown should be serving a life sentence.
This seems to me like a semantic argument.
In relation to the meaning of language? Absolutely, the language that LBC (and many other media outlets likewise showing the decline in journalism in the UK) is incorrectly using ;)
Should be noted that they handed themselves in, and the main offense is the fact it was posted online and the content of the video. So now no one knows if this will fall under free speech or racial hatred, whether they all are guilty or just the one that uploaded it. It's already an interesting case.
Look, these people are ARSEHOLES of the highest calibre, but they should not be prosecuted. Just my view, but I think it's important that free speech remains as infallible as it always has.
Police are on the way.
And absolutely nobody arrested for the Grenfell itself? Bravo
They're being charged under the - Section 4a of the 1986 Public Order Act, which deals with threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour. so in a way kind of? UK law is a weird beast.
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