• Youtuber Shirrako's account allegedly banned for killing a feminist NPC in RDR2
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https://youtu.be/_sXh2VcXmPw https://youtu.be/vwR5Gre7Ivw like, do I need to go on I just don't get how you could possibly enforce this standard if doing bad things in a videogame is banworthy then I'm pretty sure every single streamer who's ever lived is guilty
While I definitely don't think it's anything worth getting banned for, I'd say the reason this could be viewed as a problem isn't just because you're "killing a woman in a video game", rather it's because we're living in an age where there's a growing number of people who unironically think giving women the right to vote was a bad idea. Conflating the suffragettes fighting for their right to vote with "those whiny feminists you see on youtube" is just a really sad reflection of our modern political discourse. It's like if someone uploaded a Martin Luther King speech calling him a whiny SJW.
The problem I have with this standard is that it puts a lot of people who rely on youtube for their income in questionable water people are evil in open world games all the time. What exactly is the line between "just fucking around" and "hateful content"?
What an incredibly close-minded opinion to have. I feel sorry for you. OT: Makes me ashamed to be in this time that we are literally arguing over whether it's ok to kill pixels in a video game.....
Well for one it sounds like the guy wasn't actually banned for this, so I don't think anyone's got anything to worry about yet. But as far as what the line is, I'd say that largely depends on the cultural context, and admittedly subjective interpretation. Hateful ideologies survive in the shadow of doubt. Excuses like "I just think it's interesting" and "I wasn't being serious" lets people feed hate, while keeping plausible deniability. While you can't definitively say the creator of those RDR2 videos is hateful, I don't think it's unreasonable to assume that someone's opinion of woman's suffrage may be affected negatively by associating it to modern feminism.
People thinking things we don't like has always been a necessary consequence of the free exchange of ideas.
Really, I'd say that's the true problem with the video isn't killing suffragettes, it's labeling them as "annoying feminists" If the video was titled "SUFFRAGETTE GETS FED TO PIGS" I wouldn't have really batted an eye at it.
Yeah because YouTube are sooooo good at following their own guidelines. One of their top rules is; "Spam, misleading metadata, and scams" "Everyone hates spam. Don't create misleading descriptions, tags, titles, or thumbnails in order to increase views. It's not okay to post large amounts of untargeted, unwanted or repetitive content, including comments and private messages." And yet the biggest thing on YouTube is making misleading titles to get clicks. I don't see any of these channels with 10 million subscribers getting banned for breaking the guidelines?
WElp, here goes my chance of getting this year bad post of the year award
I'm not really sure what part of my post you're responding to.
stupid fucking thing to ban over, hes just killing an NPC in the game like any other hundreds of videos of RDR on youtube do. someone just got mad at the video and went out of their way to report it. i hope they fight it. his reasoning for doing it anyway is that shes annoying as fuck, which she is. every time ive seen her in videos shes spouting the same one voice line over and over. if i had the game myself i would kill her too just to get her to shut up.
bet it was some fat ugly dyke cunt who got offended. typical modern feminists are a bunch of whiny cunts crying over everything. know of the boy who cries wolf? well modern feminsts are what i call "the retards who cry bullshit." these fucking wastes of spaces getting offended at everything cause they're all fat and ugly and no one loves them and should have been aborted. logan paul > modern feminists. modern feminists suck me dry cunts. modern feminists = cancer
Is there though? I don't want to turn this thread into a discussion about the current, er, 'political climate' with the alt-right and such. But in my eyes the number of people who legitimately think women are subhumans incapable of voting honestly isn't that high. It's one of those loud minority type deals. And sure, maybe we shouldn't give them the tools to graphically murder feminists in a wild west simulator. But. I feel if we start changing aspects of society and entertainment to suit them - as in, banning people who make content they 'might enjoy' - they kind of win in a way? Like the only solution I can see to this specific issue is to just not have the feminist characters present in the world, or to make them invincible. In either case, this amazing world, this spectacular piece of art, would be lesser for it.
The problem with Twitter seems to be the abhorrent management, along with that sticking simply to text is the hardest way to convey sarcastic intent, especially when there's a tight word limit.
Feminism isn't a gender though, so it doesn't violate those rules. It's a civil rights movement, a political entity, with components that are in favor of gender equality and some smaller components in favor of female supremacy, point being it's a flexible belief system that is often redefined subjectively(including by observers, if someone decides they think feminism is all TERFs that is their own opinion), and is not the same as gender itself. By making "feminist" a protected class you'd also be protecting the female supremecist feminists, terfs(trans exclusionary radical feminists, basically feminists that are actively hostile to LGBT concerns), and other shitty people that exist under the same label. It's obviously childish to create a charicature of some annoying extremist feminist and then make a video about shitting on them in a video game but in no way does it promote discrimination in any way.
Well like I said, I don't think the problem is with the game, I think the problem is with the video maker. I don't care if you kill as many suffragettes as you want in RDR2, I care if you're saying in your video that suffragettes are nothing more than annoying feminists. Like I said before, it'd be like uploading a video of an MKL speech calling him a whiny SJW.
Welp, show's over. Channel has been unbanned and all of his videos are coming back, including the feminist ones. https://www.youtube.com/user/Shirrako/
His channels back. https://twitter.com/ShirrakoGaming/status/1060303328452710401
someone over at youtube has an interesting sense of irony, the only videos I can open are the feminist ones
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roVdeIMvkUU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ht797SW-fac
You're absolutely right, unfortunately I just see the "annoying feminists" title as something more to be mocked than a serious issue. I mean, how can you misread history that badly? Being a classic white guy though, I can't honestly speak for the effect these sorts of videos have on the affected group. This guy could honestly me more malicious than I'm giving him credit for.
And of course, what happened was a mass-flag campaign triggered the autoban of the entire channel. Thanks Youtube! Glad to see Youtube coming back to reason and unbanning his channel but I wonder if they'd done it without all the hubhub that came from this.
He shouldn't be banned and any in-game violence shouldn't be taken seriously. That being said, "Annoying feminist fed to pigs" makes me roll my eyes so fucking hard. It just seems stupid and childish - but being a cunt shouldn't be a bannable offence
that autobans from mass flags even works is really lazy and stupid on the part of every website that uses it. "Thanks youtube" indeed.
Breaking News: Bethesda to replace all "essential" characters with "feminists."
The comments on the video are cringe btw. Just a bunch of childish fucker banging on about "le triggered feminists" and the "SJWs" It's nice that this guy managed to spin these simpletons a nice and clean narrative about "the EBIL ESS JAY DUBYAs CENSORING MY FREEZE PEACH". Honestly gets so fuckin tiring to see this shit constantly.
It's really hard to have a conversation about this when people keep saying "oh just because she's a woman" when no, it's pretty clearly not just because she's a woman, she's hardly the only female NPC in the game, you can rob and murder numerous other women too. These videos were pretty explicitly targeted towards one particular woman based on her political views. No I don't believe the guy should have his channel taken down, but can we at least be honest about this rather than reaching for the easiest narrative to hand? I'm not sure I believe you guys don't understand this.
But it's truthful. The video depicts an annoying as fuck NPC in a video game who happens to be programmed to be a feminist (not a real person) being fed to entities in the game that are programmed to be pigs and eat whatever the fuck is put in front of them. If anyone takes any sort of offense over those videos, they are overly sensitive pussies who seriously need to loosen the hell up. It's a video game. I really don't see a good or bad look to it. It's more or less a video game comedy video to me, like videos of people in GTA V running around kicking dogs and cats. It's not meant to be taken seriously as like, "i would actually go out and do this because i made this video of me doing it in a video game", it's for laughs.
If this guy is sexist and anti-feminism just because he killed a literal program, something that isn't real at all, not a real person. Then all you mother fuckers are mass murderers and lost your virginity thanks to those Porn games we've all played.
All vids work on my end. At the end of the day, while the video content that got him banned in the first place were questionable, possibly intentionally "trolling" (I think it's crazy and playing a stupid game)and was quite asking for people to flag him, dude did not really deserve a full ban.
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