• Disney announces stream service will be called Disney+ and luanch date of
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https://www.cnbc.com/2018/11/08/disneys-new-netflix-rival-will-be-called-disney-plus-and-launch-late-2019.html Two shows were announced with it: Marvel series about Loki with Tom Hiddleston, a Star Wars show that is a prequel to Rouge One about Cassian Andor, and a reboot of High School Musical.
I pay for enough premium services already. Between Hulu, Netflix, Youtube Premium, Spotify, and Amazon Prime, I'm DONE. It's starting to get as expensive as cable to get access to all the content I'd want to see. Thankfully I'm not a huge marvel or starwars fan
Netflix users who had a ton of stuff pulled to be behind yet another paywall: "Hello piracy"
Wow I am so uninterested in this.
the sad thing is shit like this is literally the main cause of piracy and yet this flies straight over the head of every major content producer who gets their panties in a twist over it
The funny thing is, back when Netflix got big a ton of people who used to pirate stopped pirating cause Netflix was so easy and convenient to use compared to cable TV and buying DVDs and Blu-Rays. Now that the big corporations are trying to turn streaming into cable TV part 2 people are just gonna go back to pirating becuase the convenience won't be there anymore.
It's called denial.
Off topic question: why pay for Spotify when YouTube premium gives you YouTube music? Or were they seperate
There's nothing good on Premium except one show so....Also spotify uses way less battery and data if you preload which you can't with Youtube, I don't think anyway.
You are literally the first person I've seen who's admitted to using that.
I'm actually happy for this. It'll make finding pirated versions easier.
Disney have grown to become a monopoly, US did nothing to stop this. With their purchase of Fox, things are not looking good.
I do it literally to avoid ads and to use music on my phone. Unless youtube red and premium are two different things?
This kind of thing is going to revive piracy...
I saw this coming years ago but Disney+ is such an underwhelming name. I wanted something like DisneyULTIMATE
The only way they've got me on board is if they put up episodes in HD of literally every show ever to air on the Disney Channel If it means there are legit ways to watch Gargoyles, Recess, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, etc. in HD then I'd go for it in a heartbeat
i also use youtube red so i can turn my phone screen off without stopping my music
Seriously. For god's sake, the only way to watch Buzz Lightyear of Star Command is to torrent a collection of episodes ripped from vhs recordings, some of which are super low quality.
Was just about to say this. I was happy getting all my stuff from Netflix, and now I need to pay more money to get the same content now? Do you want people to pirate your shit Disney? Because this is how you get people to pirate your shit. Make it inconvenient to watch your content and people will just go the easier, more convenient route.
A tale from a few years ago to today: Big media studios[BMS]: "The internet is still a niche market, all that has done for us is drives sales down because piracy, cinema and physical are the main money makers." Netflix: "Yo BMS, you want us to license out content for internet streaming and we give you a cut." BMS: "Sure, why not" -- Some Time passes, Blockbuster goes rip as physical media sales becomes less important, Netflix & Co. make some more deals and become juggernauts in the streaming market segment which actually drives down piracy because end users have a few subscription services for large amounts of content which is super convenient for the consumer. -- BMS: "Oh hey, streaming has gotten quite big now and piracy has gone down, not completely gone away but whatever. We naturally want a bigger piece of the pie, lets pull all our content that we licensed out to other platforms and make our own." -- Due to market fragmentation, the big streaming platforms are not really alternatives to each other anymore, because each platform now offers different content and don't compete anymore across the whole media market, each offers an exclusive segment of it. Naturally consumers are less willing to pay for each streaming provider individually because super expensive and super inconvenient. But end users still want to watch content -> piracy increases again while sales drop -- BMS: :O
Why can't the movie/series business act more like music? Lot of choices in streaming services, and artists can be found on multiple services, and everybody wins? Instead every big production company wants to make their own service? That'd be like shady records, ruffhouse and def jam would all have streaming services for just their records. For example. Which is weird right? And I understand movie projects are on a whole other level but. Obviously no consumer wants this split shit.
I don't pay for any other streaming services, and Disney's MCU and Star Wars offerings have convinced me to get it, at least sporadically. Still wish that they hadn't followed the money trail and just made these new shows Netflix-exclusive or something, though.
Honestly, with their currently lineup of IPs and their introduction of several new Star Wars series, I'm kind of ready for it. I'll rewatch Clone Wars, Rebels, all the movies. It all depends on how expensive it ends up being. If it's something like 5 bucks, why not? At the same time, I usually really dislike companies doing this. But those companies (like CBS) only have one or two things worth even watching. Disney has way too much content to fail to launch.
Literally the only reason to get this is if they upload their massive back catalogue. Nobody has quite the breadth quite like they do.
Not sure if this considered "warez" because you can't download anything with it, but if you people are interested, there is a modified YouTube app available on XDA called YouTube Vanced Edition. https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/app-youtube-vanced-edition-t3758757 In a nutshell; No ads, background playback, light/dark/black themes, PiP, codec and resolution overrides, swipe controls and some more persistent preference settings regarding quality and playback speed.
Yep. They need literally everything. And I mean, EVERYTHING. If huge chunks of their catalogue are still missing, and only the most popular shit is on there, there's no fucking point.
yo guys whats a decent vpn
this is just a ms paint edit of the competing standards edit except instead of wanting a universal solution they all just want to keep all the royalties to themselves.
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