• Valve's card game reveals modes, features and prices
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hearthstone disgusts me to the core. im glad its going to have a real competitor, and i hope both games burn to the ground
If you do not fosters hate towards card games, the preview tournament is starting: https://www.twitch.tv/btsartifact A lot of big personalities from other card games.
it really depends on a lot of things. It isn't pay to win, its pay to play. But theres so many options, especially in magic, that it doesn't really matter. Don't have much money? You can play pauper, or do some drafts. Drafting is extremely popular. If you're really into it, you can play standard or modern. Commander is a great option for people of all money and skill levels as well. You can't just...pay for the best cards in mtg, and end up winning games with that deck. A 10$ deck will beat your thousand dollar untuned one any day. But if you really want to be competitive in standard, you do have to normally shell out some cash. Which is why a lot of people dislike and avoid it.
Nothings more exciting than watching someone draft for +15 minutes.
Oh, be patient. There's a lot of strategy that goes into drafting.
Hence why its boring to watch in a tourney setting. Compared this to Dota2 which has a clock for each pick with bans and artifact looks like a slog for streams.
the drafting is actually the most interesting portion of watching limited lol. if artifact limited is anything like mtg limited then the gameplay is going to be a positively resident sleeper experience. comparing dota2 'draft' and a tcg's 'draft' are two totally different things as well, it's literally apples and oranges. the only thing they share is the name.
And people here seem to be defending it lol, but that's because valve
at least in magic online i can go infinite off leagues for entry fees and possibly even make money if i have a 60%+ win ratio. if valve's events only award packs and no tickets to enter more events then theyve seriously fucked up
Then I guess I don't find people staring at a row of cards for 2 minutes per hand very exciting. If the game is boring and the draft is exciting, there's something wrong with the game.
First round?? And it already looks like a RNG fiesta.
you're right, it's not very visually exciting or particularly 'esports'ish. however drafting usually has a lot of deep strategies and complex decision making in it that makes it very rewarding to watch once you understand those mechanics. again, i'm speaking of mtg, which i assume shares these things with artifact. i don't really know enough about artifact to comment on it specifically. i will say that if you're looking for something 'exciting' visually or viscerally, then TCGs just dont really cater to that.
You can sell the cards you get from packs
As a big fan of card art, I'm glad this game exists cause it means a ton of quality fantasy art being made and illustrators being paid. The assets of the board are very nice looking (the little imps are a bit distracting I hope you can turn them off), and I just enjoy more good art in general. I think I prefer old school MTG illustrations the most, but I like this style way more than hearthstone's. Not that hearthstones card art isn't great, it does its own thing well but i'm less into that.
unless you can sell the packs themselves this is pretty much irrelevant. what happens when i open all the packs i win and i get 9/10 bulk rares that are worth 6 cents each?
So far it is advertised that every pack will have a rare: the highest rarity. There's nothing above rare. This alone is rather different compared to other TCG. But you are right, there needs to be a way to reliably cash out or just infinitely keep playing stakes.
mtg didn't have mythics until 2008, 12 years after its release. that didnt stop there from being rares worth $50 and rares worth $0.05. whats more important than rarity is whether the developers are including bulk cards in sets or if they want every card to be playable
Slay the spire or throne breaker would like to talk.
Looks like it's way more RNG heavy than I thought it would be, that's just sad.
The general consensus by beta testers is that it is RNG that can be responded to, and the better player still almost always wins. For example, the random positioning and arrows before the action phase can be mitigated by creep blocking and redirecting with cheap spells. Richard Garfield (the MTG creator of fame) discussed that in early life cycles of games sheer towards RNG (to help the influx of new players) and as it develops, it grows towards removing it. There is no denying that the game does feature substantial amount of RNG.
M:TG was released in 1993. 2008 is 15 years after 1993.
The only other thing happening on the HL1 anniversary is that we might finally get a release date for, or the release of, the Xen levels for Black Mesa
Honestly though, given Valve's past it also wouldn't surprise me if they launched Artifact and then went "Oh yeah BTW here's HL3 have fun".
Oh yeah, drafting with a huge audience telling you how shit your picks are, sounds like a riveting experience.
You can't trade cards back into cash in Artifact either. Despite getting scammed by the Steam marketplace for years people somehow still fail to grasp that store credit != money.
this all has to be some sort of sick joke
Nah. I really think we've just reached a point where old dev companies past their prime days are starting to do stupid stuff and kill themselves out of said stupidity. Blizzard, Valve, BioWare, etc. In Valve's case it's their fault for using the dumb flat structure that doesn't work. The old devs put too much faith in people not to be shitty.
Artifact? Stupid? You don't really seem to grasp the genius here, do you? It's going to bring in bazillions of dollars, guaranteed. They aren't making dumb decisions, they're making greedy decisions. There's a big difference. Sometimes greed can be coupled with stupidity. Look at EA and Battlefront II. But in Valve's case, they are legit evil masterminds who have finely crafted techniques to extract maximum revenue from gamers' pockets with the least amount of effort.
There's an updated FAQ: Artifact It provides more details on game modes, ladder and prizes from event tickets. Essentially you can (after the 20 dollars) play and keep earning packs for free if your win rate in Phantom Draft is >60%, but it is a zero sum solution.
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