• Dubai Police Testing Hoverbikes
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That looks dangerous
What's the point of being Rad as Fuck without a little danger!
Have you seen how people drive in Dubai? This looks pretty safe in comparison.
Wouldnt duct fans be better for this considering they are enclosed and have a lot better efficiency?
The coolfactor is worth my legs
Throw a rock at the blade and floor the vehicle , now you can easily get away lmao
If that's the revamped model I can't imagine how unsafe the original was. Pretty much no matter what, if you fall off that thing, you're going into one of the blades. Why not station them above the pilot? Or at least put some kind of cage around them.
I see what they're going for. they're trying to hit two birds with one stone. Cool new bikes cull the shittier officers by killing anyone who falls off
If the hoverbike is powerful enough to be highly agile and maneuverable, I think it looks dangerous for the criminals.
Now they can behead people for breaking social codes and stay mobile! Plus, giant quad rotor fan bikes in a place located in the sandiest region in the world? Sounds flawless...
Tim Robinson, editor-in-chief of Aerospace magazine, described the vehicle as "pretty limited" when it came to potential police work, but did not pour cold water on the hoverbike, adding it "looks bags of fun." Hoverbikes are cool but if theres barely any practical use whats the point in giving it to police
this looks like some black ops shit
If Dubai had human rights, they wouldn't have that much money.
Looks bags of fun. Well that's fucking useful when catching criminals, looking swag while you chase someone down.
Hopefully they don't fly like this https://youtu.be/osVCI6Ej8xE?t=40
So what's the battery life? Half an hour? 15 minutes?
They can't even invest in good manufacturing with all that money. All this "experimental" stuff they make is dogshit in quality.
Its basically a toy, 10 minute flight time, 2.5 hour recharge and 60mph top speed.
the dubai police force must be the best funded most useless organization i've ever seen. They're basically police in name only and do very little enforcing. They also have a bugatti and maybe some lamborghinis https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/57926/1e6686e7-7d11-4297-8a73-0d7e5358955d/image.png
To be fair, with the way that thing is designed, the last thing I would want is for it to go over 60MPH.
The point isn't to be safe or practical, the point is to look high tech and futuristic to outsiders so they can build themselves an image of being greater than they actually are. Dubai has been doing this for years.
Throwing a rock at a blade whirring at several thousand RPMs is a recipe for disaster, and not necessarily for the rider. You'd have to chuck a big fuckin' rock at it to stop/damage the blades without turning itself into a high-speed projectile.
Dubai was a mistake. It shouldn't exist
they'd have crazy oil money anyway. They're just whabist/quaranic literalist theocratic scumbags who insist on partying like it's 650ad and also having all the modern luxuries they can manage to sidestep around bid'ah with
When u need to catch witches on skyscrapers.
wouldn't a two seat gyrocopter do a better job in every way?
Or, get this, any normal car.
Yeah but if the goal is a flying one seat patrol vehicle Ultralights do this job very well and gyrocopters are the most stable of the bunch.
My father has been to Dubai. Be said it's a big hub of economic growth. Shops everywhere and the malls are fucking massive. They have a ski slope in one. From his words it took 3 days to see it all.
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