• Iceland's president admits he went 'too far' with threat to ban pineapple pizza
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I have never heard of banana on pizza
Mandatory pineapple on pizza, pineapple police state.
Maybe it's just one of those things like where cilantro taste like soap to some people, but mushrooms are extremely noticable to me.
Why all the hate on pineapple when anchovies are the true worst topping
It's the texture, not the taste, that offends
tomato is a fruit
It’s chewy, its rubbery, it’s bland. They don’t taste like anything until you drown them in enough spice and butter that it makes whatever Paula Deen makes look like a salad. And don’t let me mention about the texture, what horrible mouthfeel, it’s like eating worms. Your face shall not go on the pizza pie.
I think I said this last time this came up, but the way he just slaps some olives on at the end kills me every time.
I'd rather a calzone with every meat imaginable inside of it, caked in chilli sauce and about 2kg of cheese. Sorted. Since this is about pizza though, I wouldn't put fruit on top of it. It's just weird. When I lived with my parents and they bought that crap I had to pick the pieces off while it was still frozen so the flavour didn't entirely ruin my dinner
No tomatoes then? I liked pineapple on pizza when I was a kid. Then I grew up.
Hands down best topping combo: pineapple and cream cheese
Pineapple sucks in general. Worst fruit.
get better tastebuds ok thanks
How did you manage to sound worse with just one sentence in the end
He was clearly joking though, right? Nobody seriously cares what you put on your food aside from it just being funny.
The worst part is how proud he looks while making that monstrosity.
I think it's pretty obvious he was joking yeah. Also to join in the discussion, Tuna is best topping for a Pizza.
You don't talk shit about Swedish pizza culture without repercussions
I had a lamb shoulder, prune and jalapeno pizza the other day, it was pretty good.
mushrooms taste fine but god if the texture ain't what stops me from eating them most of the time
All I'm saying is you can't have an opinion on pizza until you've eaten a curry, chicken and banana pizza shaped like a Longboat, with a pot of bearnaise sauce to dip it in and some pizzasallad on the side
food 'sacrilege' is a meme
i hope you enjoy your bizarre meals
This is exactly the kind of "as long as I don't need to be reminded of your existence" bs that the lgbt community suffers from, fuck you. Pineapple pizza is not a choice.
Swedish pizza? But the only pizza that exists are Turkish pizza places that are bloody everywhere and all taste the same.
Is this thread about pizza? I like anchovies on my ham and pineapple pizza.
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