• G.Skill announces gold-plated "Royal" RAM with a crystalline light bar for RGB
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https://hothardware.com/news/gskill-launches-trident-z-royal-rgb-ram-with-speeds-up-to-4600mhz Straddling the line between "opulent" and "ostentatious" here, guys. RGB RAM was already pretty overkill. 4.6 GHz is genuinely impressive, though.
This better be the best of the best Samsung B-die
I hope this RGB fad dies soon, personally. I can only speak for myself but it's worthless to people like me who own a case you can't see inside and like to keep out PC's on all the time. Plus it makes things more expensive.
I'm fine with RGB being an option if there's also a lightless variant available. Plus - if you ask me - for the stuff I want to give some Tron lines to, it's nice to be able to have just one lighted model and then set your own color rather than almost everything only coming in red or blue like in the past. Plus even being able change it in the future without modding or getting a whole new device. It's just a nice QoL thing for people who want LEDs. I just wish everyone and their dog weren't trying to create their own RGB ecosystem. ASUS, MSi, ASRock, Razer... just make one standard and use that, please!
You ain't shit if your rig don't have lights
that'll be a blast to replace when one of them burns out in six months
I was thinking this was gonna be one goofy looking Dodge.
I hate the RGB trend too, but at least it's better than the previous trend of just red lighting everything.
Outside of rgb keyboards and maybe fans i dont see the point. Just seems like another money sink.
Honestly I like the appeal of RGB but its gone overboard in some respects. Like RGB case lighting, fans or RGB lit water cooling tubes are one thing. But RGB on the fucking RAM? Smh.
I've got 4 lights. Power, HDD, Link Status and Activity. All I need.
I wouldn't mind some lights on the edges of my case for a sleek futuristic feel but the only case big enough for my rig available had an entire side window for rgb and the motherboard has really bright ones that I can't control and doesn't even turn off if my computer is off, meaning I have a obnoxious nightlight in my room. Said window faces my desk to minimize how much of my room gets illuminated
The memory speed is a massive meme, they have a couple of super-binned CPUs that they use for validating those clocks, and basically nobody is going to be able to actually hit the same clocks unless they do the same procedure of going through thousands of CPUs to find a golden one. When I was building my current setup, I got the 3466MHz kit from them, and now I'm running it at 3466MHz. I have a pretty golden Ryzen 7 1700 that manages to hit that memory speed, but I wasn't sure about that beforehand - 3200MHz was fairly guaranteed so I picked the next step above that.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/150878/58ac150c-09de-46fd-b722-8c8c9d7ba3dc/image.png Can't wait for my RAM disks to look like this
Oddly enough, the RGB variant of my RAM was cheaper than the non-RGB at the time I purchased it. :/ But I also have a damned RGB mouse from Logitech that I can't help but feel is pretty dumb, because when in use, your hand covers the one part that's always lit. The rest are only on when adjusting DPI.
not only can you turn off rgb on pretty much everything, but it also doesn't make anything more expensive.
This is demonstrably false.
rgb is in everything these days because it costs so little.
okay, show me how rgb is making computer parts more expensive, because I don't see that at all
Apart from the RGB these two keyboards are identical. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/58263/400f3c3f-b8f7-4709-b658-a2bc8c8d70fc/Annotation 2018-11-21 110722.jpg
yea. the rgb one is expensive, but thats it. I don't see your problem. I thought you where talking about how you couldn't avoid rgb on products, making it more expensive, or it raised the market prices as a whole, which is why you wanted the fad to die. But you just want rgb to die...because you don't like it, even though it's completely optional.
How are all of those things not a money sink, then? And if @Ellie knows his prices, the cost difference is a non-issue. Speaking of personalized computers, a dark PC be cool too, with a glass window and mostly black components. Or maybe some sort of a small light bulb just hanging on the inside of the computer that you can click on and off by pulling some rope.
I'd honestly rather not have my PC look like a rave, so i'd be turning off the LEDs the instant I got such a thing. I want it all sneeki breeki-like, and my current one fulfils that except with the minor problem that it sounds like an Avro Vulcan doing a flyover.
It's more about the fact that finding a high-end motherboard that's not festered with RGB lights and edgy knick-knacks all over it is sort of impossible, which in turn means that you pay more for a bunch of useless shit. High end motherboard circa 2007: https://www.asus.com/media/global/products/G7JoxzAEXsQwDt7G/P_setting_fff_1_90_end_500.png Pragmatic design High end motherboards 2018: https://c1.neweggimages.com/NeweggImage/ProductImageCompressAll1280/13-144-178-V01.jpg https://c1.neweggimages.com/NeweggImage/ProductImageCompressAll1280/13-119-099-V01.jpg wub wub dubstep GaMeR pride-parade trash
I once lived with a guy at university who wanted me to build his computer and help him choose components, but only to put cathodes in and lights galore. It seemed ridiculous to me.
"edgy knick-knacks" bruh they're heatsinks
Those bottom boards look fine, but would probably be better with less pronounced shrouding and the weird stencils all over the place toned down quite a bit. RGB stuff can usually be turned off, but it shouldn't increase the price of the board that much, shits cheap to implement. The top board is a colourful, disjointed mess that really isn't all that nice to look at. It's not hard to make slots and all that uniformly coloured and nice, and just screams "cheapo board" today. But I like to try and keep things minimal.
Also rgb are just another thing that will break. I have enough dealing with my keyboard i dont need ram lights breaking on me.
Mate, they're LEDs being driven with a very low current. It's more than likely you'll die before they do.
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