• 10+ New Games to be Announced at The Game Awards 2018
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10 new games, or 10 "new" "games"?
More than 10 new games will be announced for the first time
Man I hate watching award shows. I'll catch the new games from journalist sites then...
I think this year broke me because I don't give a shit about what AAA is going to vomit out at the awards. Might still watch for the fun of bashing this decadent wankfest with friends though.
Prime 4 is probably the big one I give a shit about, it will take something special to move me to my very core for anything EA or Activision related.
I know it's lonely up here but I genuinely love the Game Awards and am very excited to watch them live.
Holding out hope for RDR2 for PC. Even if it's at least 6 months away from a realistic announcement window.
Honestly? The Game Awards always has unique and completely surprising reveals, even if the award show itself is crap
Honestly I feel bad for Geoff Keighley. He probably didn't want this career either.
The day where it all went downhill https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/110292/bdce0736-d65e-4875-ac6a-0bcb2c7667e1/image.png
Yeah if you listen/watch him on stuff outside of his normal work he's a pretty sweet guy.
Not even CP2077? Listen fella you have to be onboard the CDPR train now it's the rules
This is exactly the career he wants. Vapid fluff questions and hob nobbing with industry people without any of the icky stuff like crunch time or having to resurrect a fucked game from the ashes before the shareholders get somebody younger and more political to replace him. 'Games journalism' is literal joke and his only actual competition the breathlessly plastic marketing game is Danny O'Dwyer. The money prints itself.
I guess I tend to assume that people want to do a good job. That someone in a relatively 'creative' profession wants to produce a quality product or content. You might be right about him, of course, but that's my instinctual assumption.
Yeah thats actually not really true at all with Geoff and just more meaningless and uninformed ramblings from you. He got wrapped up in marketing shit because of his position at the time, but you can look at the stuff he has done recently, and the Doritos and Mountain Dew thing posted above was literally the bottom for him. Since that point the dude has made strides to actually do better. If the only thing he cared about was money, he never would have called out Konami in the middle of the awards show they were a sponsor of on their treatment of Kojima. And you can say thats because its his friend but that still defeats your angle that its just about money. The dude is an advocate for gaming as a whole, for developers, players, and the field as a whole. And he actually does have a record of calling out shitty behavior in the industry before.
I hope they bring back the Oscars guy.
Let me consult my shrine for a Gabe appearance.
Bullshit. I can look at his public and semipro content at any given time and the formula hasn't changed since the Spike days. The thrust that he only cares about money is yours, btw; I simply said it's lucrative because it is, any spin from that is your usual omg mah heroes is untouchable bastions of morality whiteknighting, which is usual doesn't apply and is utterly devoid of context other than your personal opinion. It's literally his venue, he can call out Konami any time he wants because they don't and haven't sponsored shit since the Spike days, and he was late as hell to the party in giving them shit, so for someone touting uninformed you might wanna take a gander in the mirror, because this is the third iteration of a commercial venture Keighley partially owns, and it was his personal decision to make it a commercially sponsored venue that has more to do with hype than accolades, cause accolades are boring. It's a business, not an industry barometer, and it sure as hell isn't an accolade dispenser based on either public want or intra-industry acclaim and veterancy. It's a commercialized ad reel and marketing platform and he's made zero bones about that in virtually every and any interview.
Its changed quite a bit, from his presentation and mannerisms to direction. Also just to call you out because its fun and you make it too fucking easy with your disingenuous manner of arguing: And they were sponsoring the event he called them out at, regardless of if it was his show. And further still, he couldn't have possibly been fucking late because it literally was just happening. Because Kojima was expected to be at the event by everyone including Kojima and then Konami refused to let him at the last minute. Being commercial and sponsored doesn't mean shit, do you not understand that things cost money or do you think it falls from the fucking sky and exists in perpetuity? Like of course its sponsored simply by virtue of the fact it costs money to actually do literally anything.
Saints Row 5 please
You can bet your ass Kojima will be on stage at some point...
Pretty much the only reason I'm going to watch.
5 shitty remakes with added micro transactions. 4 mobile game spin-offs. 1 actual new game.
Ehhh it's not even by the same people that made Prime 1-3, so I'm gonna remain pretty pessimistic unless this reveal goes in-depth enough.
You can talk shit about Geoff and the corporate nature of the event, but he got it off the ground and made it a very relevant event where big announcements are made, and that's pretty respectable.
That sounds like a fuckin great night right there mate
Geoff has put a lot of effort into the awards show and tries to improve it every year.
Almost all the people who made Prime 1-3 left Retro Studios after Prime 3 was done. Even if Retro was in charge now, it would be completely different.
I like to think he swigs some vodka every now and then to wipe those memories for a day and just be happy, before going back to that.
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