• In wake of Fallout 76 anger, Bethesda promises better ‘communication’
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Dishonored 2 was a good, competent game that suffered from poor porting and optimization, on consoles and post-patching the game works very well.
This sounds a lot like the "we're listening" and "we hear you" comments Blizzard makes, which essentially just means "we hear your complaints, we just don't care, here's a statement to shut you up". Never really has the effect they're looking for.
Except in the very post where they say "We're listening" they posted patch notes for the coming weeks that clearly show they're listening to what people who are playing the game have been complaining about, like increasing the stash size, adding an FOV slider and push-to-talk for PC as well as 21:9 resolution support, character respecing, and a CAMP bulldozer to make placing CAMPs easier. But, you know, obviously they don't care and aren't actually doing anything. Those patch notes are clearly just more of Todd's sweet little lies.
how about promising to migrate to an engine that isn't the same one you used to make Oblivion, and employing modern game development practices like not tying the game speed to the framerate
That's great, but half of that should have been standard back at the start. I didn't give NMS a break until they hit the point where their promised original game was there. I'm not going to give Bethesda an inch, and even less room because they should know better.
Dishonored 2 ran like absolute shit on PC and after patching it's better but still not good. The Void engine is based on id Tech 5 and like id Tech 5 it's an unoptimised mess.
People are articulating the issue poorly, but it sounds like the engine is the issue. It sounds like a lot of the issues are ones previously encountered in older games, suggesting they used an older fork of the software to develop the game and didn't address known issues. They're rushing to put out garbage content.
you can't compare the engines in this scenario. QA really isn't gonna help too much when the problem runs so deep (in this case gamebryo is not meant for this shit)
You're missing the point, all of these kind of shit bugs were well known by them in the years they've had to develop the game. That, makes them shit developers.
Only now I'm learning this. I not too long ago beat Dishonored 2, I ran with pretty much everything at its highest I don't think I really had any performance issues to speak of that greatly affected my experience, and I was always under the impression it being a newer game, would have troubled my rig to some extent. Surprises me greatly to find out it may have not been so great at launch, and apparently still? Huh. Guess it might have been a good thing I bought it on a sale, and waited so long to play it. And my hardware isn't very good nowadays either Meanwhile Fallout 76 actually has numerous performance issues for me, despite mostly looking about the same as Fallout 4, and I still crash randomly.
weren't they literally forced to change engines too, outside of their wishes?
Yeah, I'm not gonna call anyone a liar, if you had bad performance you had bad performance and that stinks. Especially since I'm no doubt behind the hardware curve nowadays so it's kind of hard for me to doubt other peoples issues. Sometimes it feels like developers create games with untamed performance, and it'll sometimes work well on one machine, but on another it's terrible, even if the specs are within proper range.
Relevant https://www.reddit.com/r/pcgaming/comments/a0zveb/bethesda_responds_to_bait_and_switch_fallout_76/
Imagine using an engine that you've been familiar with since 2002, and you still make the buggiest piece of shit all year by a mile. Either the people working there are stupid, haven't been paying attention for 16+ years, or don't care. There is no excuse.
I just read about this, they even said outright they have no plans on how to remedy it. But the promotional material never changed.
the best statement you can do is to not buy the game, get a refund, and dont care about the state of it until it is either playable/fun or in a very low price. Only by that they wont dare to publish games in that state again.
Yeah sure, let me know when you act upon your words instead of just saying "we hear your concerns" and immidiately forget anything you did like everyone else in the industry Also Bethesda is offering people to preorder $200 containing a game thats not even functional, had a bag thats not the same as the promotional material and didnt bothered not to tell anyone and you cant even get a refund just after they told their customers that they can get a refund Like holy shit just when you thought it cant get any worse they find ways to get worse or they knew they messed up but decided to go with it hoping everyone would give a blind eye
is this the part where they add loot crates to fallout 76?
*glitches out* Oh fuck, it really says $1000. Oh fuck, oh fuck. We're going to be poor.
the game was originally going to have loot boxes. it's still apparent in the game. the perk card packs were supposed to be one of the loot box type systems. At least they cut that shit out.
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