• India bans homework
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https://news.sky.com/story/india-bans-homework-and-heavy-schoolbags-to-prevent-spinal-damage-11565106 >The Indian government has told schools to stop giving students homework and heavy books to prevent spinal damage. >Weight guidelines have been issued for school bags depending on a child's age after studies showed heavy loads can affect soft, developing spines.
Man I sure wish that was around back when I had to carry my 50 pound Fatman on my back everywhere.
Lucky bastards.
If this was in effect when I was a kid, I wouldn't have grown into a manlet who can't get any coochie
Enforcing this is going to be pretty tough. Especially on Private Schools, where is where you go if you want a half decent education in India.
I remember I was so forgetful because of my dyspraxia that I used to just lug around all my books for every lesson each day. It must be why I am only 5'6!
My backpack is heavy as fuck every day, two textbooks, binders and a laptop that I can barely cram in, even hurt myself once doing it. I would be interested to see if this affected academic performance at all? I am under the belief that homework is an unecessary relic.
In Highschool I carried every book with me since my locker was way out the way of every class, and you only had 5 minutes.
its just absurd that you still need to carry that crap when you can just do it online.
My cousin had really similar shit where his classes would be all the way across a huge ass building and it took too much time to get to the locker in between so he had to carry his entire fucking curriculum on his back. When I tried to lift his backpack with one hand I almost shat myself, it felt like it was stuffed with bricks. I suppose it sort of unintentionally defeats the stereotype of a wimpy nerd but at the same time school students did not sign up to be fucking coal miners.
I wonder if this will further degrade the locals' perception of public schools?
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what makes even less sense is once i went to uni, i usually carried only a pen and literally a jotting pad.. i only mainly carried a bag for water. wasn't even needed because of the way courses were designed. the day before you had to preread and then when you came in, you didnt need ridiculous amounts of books and paper. schools give far too much homework too, they dont remember that in actual working life we need a rest time.
Yeah. I never had a locker so I had to carry everything in a duffle bag cause it would all so heavy it would rip through a regular bag.
I really hated how if you complained about how heavy the bags were, you just got told "lmao just use your locker" I only have 5 minutes to pee, and get to the next class on the other side of the school. And if I'm late I get smacked with a "tardy" I don't have time to use my locker.
I think homework can be an integral way of remembering topics and practicing problems that involve those topics. It isn't that there should be no homework, but homework needs to start becoming online-only. Plenty of colleges in the United States do mostly online hmwk now.
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How exactly are they planning on having things like book reports and math problems without extending the school day by like 2 hours When I went to high school the classes were 45 minutes long, we never would have had time to do any substantial schoolwork along with the lesson in class.
holy crap you're dumb
Heavy enough to kill someone from the first floor too tbh.
when I was in school, I had a locker but it was a pain in the ass going to it between every class so I carried all my books in my backpack The back problems lasted for three years after graduating.
christ what kind of shit schools do you have in the US and how many books did you need per class? Like here the absolute most amount of books you'd need per class was 2, and you only had 2 classes in a row between having a break so carrying 2-4 books was completely manageable
Sounds like your school had you take all 8 classes per day rather than alternate between A days and B days. I guess it's weird for to me to think about, because block scheduling was something I had in high school. Honestly, it was so much better than what I had back in middle school, since I wouldn't have to work on homework from all 8 classes on the same day.
My high school had 9 40-minute periods, and one of them was a 30-minute lunch break. Went from 7:20am to 2:00pm (or 2:45pm, I forget). 4 minute break between classes for a building with 3 floors, so you aren't going to use your locker unless it is directly on the way. I would carry my books/notebooks for the first half of the day and change stuff out for the second half of the day during lunch. Further complicating this was that our high school was on the same campus as the middle school... which held all of the foreign language classes for all grades. So now you are running between two different buildings with all of your stuff. During senior year my locker was designated at the middle school building and I never used it lol. Looking back and comparing this to college I have no fucking idea how I managed this schedule. My bus also picked me up at 6:40am so I always woke up at 6am... parents took real good care of me each morning because I was a grump every day I woke up.
I think the first step is to never again call it "coochie"
Man I remember how I tripped and fell and the schoolbag smashed my face into the tiles. Grandma (former grade school teach) had the idea of schools giving kids tablets for homework. Honestly if they make them specifically for that purpose and without internet connection it's not such a bad idea - it's not like the tech is expensive these days, not much more than a bunch of books anyway.
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what the actual fuck from memory each period at my high school (and at most for that matter) was around 50 min. Starts at 9AM, two periods, and then a 30 min break at 10:30, then another two periods, then an hour for lunch at 12:30 or 1, and then two more periods until 3:15. I might be wrong by 15 minutes or so in certain parts but it was more or less like that anyway. thank fuck my parents moved to Australia instead of the US lol
Tbh I'd rather get the school day over with sooner than sit around for an hour and a half for a couple breaks I don't really need. Mabye if I had a car at the time (and be allowed to leave) it would be nice.
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