• Mom angry at airline after employee name shames daughter, Abcde
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If you do that you just end up with a copy of postal.
It's actually a surname but I guess its still passable outside Czechia. My first reaction would certainly be "Oh, like the composer?" rather than "Wait, like the keyboard?"
Dvorak is a real name though. https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anton%C3%ADn_Dvo%C5%99%C3%A1k
I would totally see that work. If someone introduced themselves as Dvorak I would just think they had eastern european heritage, cause Dvorak sounds like that to me.
Yeah I should have expanded and added 'anglophone'. And even then, it's not that bad, it's just lumped with the other two bad ones for being also a keyboard layout.
Johnny Cash warned us about giving your kid a quirky name.
Parents were naming their kids after keyboards even back then?
It could be worse. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/256730/b25a1709-b60f-47e6-9f58-9b5370be02d5/Hitler Mussolini.jpg
Why the fuck are you blaming the mother? The kid caused her own bullying by being named Abcde, something that's a big no-no ESPECIALLY when she more than likely saw the airline employee's fucking phone.
Next up on the unique names list: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8iFjn_nmyE
Reminds me of that fictional, semi-racist story of a black girl named Le-a (pronounced le-dash-uh).
It was actually La-a and I wouldn't doubt if it was real, I've seen black girls named shit like "Unique" and "Precious"
or the ones about orangejello and lemonjello
Dvorak is literally the name of the guy who designed it. It's named after him instead of the top row keys because the whole idea of his keyboard layout was every language getting its own custom one based on frequently used letters so the top row keys were always different. It was messy, to say the least, so people just used QWERTY or QWERTZ or AZERTY instead but supposedly, if you learned to type Dvorak it folds time so you can do 800 APM in Starcraft and write the entire Navy SEALs copypasta in less than two minutes.
"Abcde lives with epilepsy" To be honest, I'm not fucking surprised. Imagine the mind-fuck it is to communicate with a name like that and introduce yourself. Hello, I'm dan_x86.tar.gz - how are you?
I grew up with a girl named Abcde so seeing this reaction is hilarious lmao
Can I get Åäö? I cant imagine how confused this kid is gonna be when she finds out it is the ABCs not the A B Cities
For all the comments saying it's the mom's fault for giving the kid a name "everyone will make fun of," you are the ones mocking the name and turning it into an issue. If people weren't so anal about only naming their kids "John" or "Kayla" maybe we'd have some names that are actually unique identifiers and not trends based on baby naming books.
If I worked for the airline I'd assume there was some kind of error with the ticketing software
At least it’s pronouncible
my son Aeiou is going to be an astronaut one day
But the thing is, "John" and "Kayla" are real names. Whereas "abcde" at first glance are the first five letters of the english alphabet... because it is. It's like naming your child 012345 or PepeFrog2018, it's an insult to the kid. People, who name their kids, have am important decision that determines pretty much the identity of the said person. And when you give them such a name, you can expect the kid to be bullied by other kids. And when they grow up, they'll realise how awful and ridiculous their name is. Ask yourself, do you really want to be named XYZ or 420? Because I'd prefer to have a name that "sounds like the name". Sure, with time, there'll be possible new names in the future that we could today possibly find ridiculous or funny, but no one will start calling their name random letters or numbers. New names are mostly born with creativity, something that name isn't - creative.
Of course we're mocking the name and turning it into an issue. The 'name' is a literal joke. If it was just a 'unique' name - even if it was pronounced the same way but spelled "Abcedy" or "Absidy" - then you might have a point. Just the fact that a name is different from Bob, John, Alice, Katie, doesn't mean you should mock it or avoid naming your kid that way. The issue is that you shouldn't name your kid ugly, excessively weird, or literal joke names. Would you be saying "there's nothing wrong with it, it's your fault for thinking so" if her name was Optimus Prime? Or Frtghyu? Or Mafnamafmanafmnfafnm?
Meet my kids - RightClick abd LeftClick and their little sis Wheel
But it's not random and it's not the equivalent of naming your child PepeFrog2018. This is a reported phenomena (see link) and even if it wasn't, you literally admit yourself that new names in the future will very likely look different. And the bullying of a kid with a unique name is not new either, but its upsetting to see so many rationalizing the logic of this grown adult that mocked a child for something genuinely harmless and insignificant. Just because "people will mock" Abcde or La-a or anything else totally unusual does not make this behavior acceptable, and its just encouraging unnecessary homogenization. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abcde
God forbid people have actual, pronounceable names, and not be burdened with a ~~unique~~ name due to misfortune as being conceived as the vehicle for the vanity for someone who shouldn't be allowed to be away from thier own parents, much less have kids of thier own.
The kid shouldn't be mocked. But I sure as shit am going to mock the mother when she didn't think "oh, maybe I shouldn't name my kid a name that will make their childhood harder than it need be". I'm not saying name the kid "John or Kayla" because that's a stupid false dichotomy. There's literally tens of thousands of more appropriate and thoughtful names for a kid. There being 328 bad parents who chose to also name their kids Abcde isn't an excuse to continue it.
Gonna name my kid Dvorak and he's going to beat the shit out of yours
I'm sure the mom was bummed out it took 5 years to get media attention.
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