• Mom Says 6-Year-Old Son Is Transgender. Dad Disagrees. Now He Might Lose His Son
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You know how I can tell this article reeks of bullshit? Why the fuck would they start HRT before natural puberty would even be close to starting
It's an op-ed for a notoriously shitty conservative blog? this too I guess.
Not the fact that it's a right biased source (with mixed factual reporting) talking about anything lgbt?
wouldn't be facepunch without the weekly factually-questionable anti-trans article
At least this time you don't have 200 people getting outraged before the fact checking starts
well yeah, no shit
Thats the main giveaway that something reeks about this article.
I saw people on The_Donald coment that Daily Wire is their new source after Fox News apparently became too left wing, so yeah, take it with a grain of salt.
Oh boy, another fear-based "acceptance gone mad" article about trans people, furthering the entirely manufactured narrative that they are part of some sort of conspiracy to prey on children.
Being gay isn't just a phase. One's gender identity isn't just a phase. There also shouldn't be a public spotlight on a story with no clear answers. We don't know who's lying or not.
If this is true, that mother doesn't actually give a shit about the kid. Just wants to have a "pet transgender". Poor kid.
I want a better article with key information: If/when the child went to a professional: What did they say and recommend? Is this fight just over paying back the professionals they went too? Is the mother actually going through with surgery for a six year old? If this is the case: Who the fuck reccomended this at all? This article has given so little.
Oh my god this fucking guy You shouldn't take his word at all, let alone with a truckful of salt. I became aware of his existence a couple months ago when my mom reposted a video on facebook where he told his story of regretting being transgender, and claiming that somehow it was proof that transgenderism was harmful to children or some such shit. So I looked in to his story and, well, you could show it to literally any transgender person and they would be flabbergasted at how either fake or insane it is. Because a lot of the things he claims either 1.aren't how transgender people work, or 2.are incredibly unlikely if not impossible to have worked. He claims that his wanting to be a girl started when he was young, being put in a dress by his grandma and bullied by his family members for it. While talking about it the way he describes his 'dysphoria' seems very superficially transgender, but is much more like dissociation than being really trans. He describes himself as a girl as a separate person and describes using it as a way of coping with his abusive family. It's subtle, but it's not how transgendered people are. Trans people don't use transness as a coping mechanism for their shitty families, that's what someone who's dissociating might do. Trans people also don't generally describe 'girl them' as a completely separate entity, and they usually don't say things like " I desperately wanted that growing female to go away, but I enjoyed being a female so much that I desperately wanted to keep her alive.  At the same time I wanted to be completely Walt.  I felt like I was being torn in half. [ibid 1, Location 282]". Most trans people have no desire to preserve their former identity. So he gets married to try to suppress it, which fails, and then he starts working at Honda in the 70s/80s to try to suppress it through work. He mentions having a major alcoholism problem, and under some pressure to start drinking again at meetings, he folds. He then says "The excessive drinking at work and the shame of hiding it from my family increased my raging desire to become a woman." Again, using transgenderism as an escape from your problems is not how trans people work. Trans people don't stop thinking about being trans when things are going good. The real shakiness, though, starts with his transition. He claims to have met a transvestite in a bar who told him how to get on track for surgery. He goes to a doctor she recommended and starts taking female hormones. He claims the hormones don't do much other than 'having a slight tranquilizing effect and lowering his libido'. He then claims that he got a large breast implant in Lake Tahoe, which ruined his marriage, and makes it EXPLICITLY clear that he was NOT out at work. I have never seen a trans person, ever, transition like this. For one, he sounds like he didn't do ANY therapy. Informed consent is rare now. Literally you couldn't do informed consent HRT until this year in my city, and I most assuredly do not live in a small city. Second, HRT is transition for many trans folk. Surgeries are almost always done years in to transition, if at all. I've never seen someone who had such disregard for HRT. Third, the fact that he got breast augmentation without living full time is extremely fucking weird. Nobody just gets huge tits and tries to hide them at work in the trans community. That just, doesn't happen. And in this case, it sets a pattern of behavior where he doesn't care for the day to day of transition, just big dramatic moves which he tries to hide. He describes getting in contact with a doctor who agrees to do the surgery in two visits. I sincerely doubt anyone can find a doctor who will agree to do a major life altering surgery like a sex change in two visits. And, he's still hiding it from his family! I'm gonna actually copy past this one because holy shit; I was so mixed up.  I took out the breast implants, trying to take away the power that the girl in the purple dress exerted over my mind.  She morphed from “Christal” into “Andrea”.  Funny thing about Andrea, she had different eating habits, different handwriting and a mellower demeanor than Walt.  She was a part-time person, appearing in full force when I was home alone.  Andrea was hell-bent on having the surgery to become a woman.  Walt wanted a normal life as a man. [ibid 1.  Location 758] So maybe, I could acknowledge that as a child who might lack the words it's not unreasonable to describe girl you as a separate person. But as an adult, it is extremely bizarre for him to have such partitioning, and suggests he's not working at all to integrate being feminine in to his normal life. This is not, how transgender people are? He then himself goes on to describe that lying, cheating and manipulating others is somethnig he's very good at and used to get his way. That's, literally what he says, and it makes any interaction with a medical professional suspect when he acknowledges that he'd say whatever to convince them. He lies that he's getting gall bladder surgery to his boss, which, he is, but he's getting it back to back with his reassignment surgery. He claims the gallbladder surgery came after and he convinced the surgeon to go through with it. Like, ok, you COULDN'T do this without lying a fuckton. You can't even get on HORMONES a lot of the time if you don't intend on being out to everyone because coming out comes first and nobody's going to write a letter of recommendation, let alone for fucking SURGERY, if you can't even do that. And this is in ~progressive 2018~. So he has two major surgeries in a week (which is another leap, that a surgeon would be willing to do that or that he'd be in any shape to work on). SIX MONTHS pass, he tells his boss that he's trans and that he had gone through surgery. And then he was fired. Then, he starts going to AA meetings and makes it clear that he was starting to give up on living as a woman already. And then as he works on his alcoholism, he completely detransitions. Years later, he was diagnosed with dissociative disorder by another psychologist. That's all I have time to write for now but so much is wrong with his story. In his story he acts nothing like a transgender person, instead seeming to use it as an escape from his daily life. Doctors don't act the way that doctors would. He manages to get major surgeries without meeting even basic requirements, all while still being in the closet. He doesn't care about hormone therapy, which is like, THE MAIN THING for so many transgender people. Psychologists and therapists and surgeons don't act like psychologists and therapists and surgeons do, and do shit that would be begging for an eventual lawsuit. TL;DR This dude isn't a former transgender person, he never fucking was. He's a self admitted liar and manipulator who, if anything, struggles from dissociative disorder. He doesn't have a shred of commonality with ANY transgender person I've ever known, including myself, and I doubt many aspects of his story happened the way he says they do. Either way, he is far from mentally stable to be sure. And here he is now, older and using his supposed past to write shitty bigoted articles for a living, and alt right news sources eat that shit up because they love having the ONE guy that says they're right. They love having the one black alt righter, or the one gay alt righter like Milo Yiannopoulos to back up whatever crazy shit they say. And like many before him, that's what this dude is making a career off of. Fuck this guy
Not even then. The article is completely missing key information.
Don't these 'pRoGResSIvIsM iS BeInG tAkEN 2 fAr' stories almost always turn out to be bullshit in some way
The solution is to cut the child in half and raise one side as a boy and the other as a girl
I'm confused. There's no way a child decides he wants to be a girl at 6 years old. How does that happen.
never thought I'd live to see the day a source gets rated further right than the fucking federalist
ty solomon
I suspected as much. Either his story is one full of omissions or straight lies. I wouldnt trust this man to tell me the color of the sky.
You are not an expert nor are your experiences any indicator of well... experience. I fully knew that I was transgender at around age 12~. If I had access to more information, in retrospect, I likely would have been able to come to that conclusion far earlier. Furthermore the standard procedure for children this young is to let them live how they want and give them puberty blockers once puberty hits so they can make the decision to transition when they are at a more responsible age. You literally do not know anything about this topic. Instead of making a complete ass out of yourself perhaps next time you should do some actual research on the topic.
He's done this for multiple years IIRC. He's fundamentally not worth the time.
I dont really care. I'll continue to argue with a brick wall so long as theres a minute chance of them evebtually listening.
The entire meaning of the phrase hinges around the fact that brick walls are incapable of listening lol
I don't know why you are lying right now. It's clear from your rating history that you don't think anyone should be encouraged ever.
Its not a decision that is made, its just a feeling and response to being treated different ways and different interests. Gender Identity is not a choice.
cool story bro
Age six is when they become aware of it and when most become aware. What you are saying is factually incorrect.
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