• Former President George H.W. Bush has died at the 94
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Not really shocking. He's been one foot in the grave for ages.
I always knew he was old, but I didn't realize somehow that he was 94.
With H.W. passing, Jimmy Carter is now the oldest living president. Interesting tidbit: If Carter were to pass away, then Trump would become the oldest living president.
I hope I make it that long
This is why we need to elect Bernie in 2020.
rest in oil
This is why I don't care if he has some disability lol. You're a grade A asshole.
I may have disagreed with a lot of your actions, but no one deserves to go out the way you did sir. Rest in Peace, Mr President.
If he didn't ran as Republican (or temporary Democrat for few years like Trump) regardless he did small good things*, I wouldn't care especially if both parties are acting same unintentionally or accidentally.
This dude was very critical with the Soviet Union and he backed countries when the soviets flexed with power. RIP
If you can hate someone for their party affiliation, I can hate you for wanting to fuck animals then, right?
I mean yeah the Gulf War was under HW, but wrong Bush
I prefer the "bad spelling" because it pisses you off.
F https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZvrIiqLv7M
what the fuck is wrong with you dude
What isn't wrong with him at this point? I'm starting to think his disabilities extend further than just his grammar.
The absolute death and destruction that the Bush family has wrought across this planet removes any empathy from the equation for me. Countless hundreds of thousands, if not millions of death can be directly linked to the policies and actions of both Bush Sr, and Bush Jr. Sure it's crude, but on an additional note, the ghoul lived to fucking 94 on public tax money, while he and his political party have fought to prevent the adoption of Universal healthcare either directly, or through lobbying throughout his lifetime. Zero pity.
It's always nice when a politician opens a gender-neutral restroom.
if you're implying what it sounds like you're implying that is just too edgy
Jimmy Carter was the last good president
sorry but just because trump is bad doesnt make me forget these guys war crimes. Panamanians everywhere are celebrating.
Meh,never liked the guy to be honest. But at least he's with his wife in the afterlife.
Rest in hell war criminal.
He might not have been the best but at least he had a sense of decency in one thing unlike a certain other U.S. president currently ruling America. https://youtu.be/YsmgPp_nlok
He should have eaten more broccoli. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQmTeVf2nJ8
ow the edge in this thread damn
A sense of decency should be a the absolute fucking minimum requisite for being POTUS, not a high staking selling-point, but we have all been over this how the electorate has a lower hiring standard then your average Walmart greeter. And I reckon since the divide has accelerated, under Trump especially, until the shit US two party system is fixed from top to bottom, things will only get worse until they get better.
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