• Former President George H.W. Bush has died at the 94
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Wrong George Bush there, unless you think stopping Saddam from invading Kuwait is a war crime
Lmao at people pretending like he was in anyway a decent human being The fuck is up with someone dying and suddenly they were great and we should only remember that one time they fed a stray cat and are therefore literally a saint
You do know that quote was said a month after the Iran Air shootdown? And wasn't related at all to the incident? I'm guessing not. But I'm sure the attribution is just an honest mistake from whoever runs the @CrimesOfUS Twitter account.
He lived to 94, you've had that long to be vocally critical of him and his actions. Now that he's dead there's really no point.
Oh jeez. Where should we begin? Trump and his campaign took part in a massive collusion effort to influence the outcome of the 2016 election. Obama supported the Saudi intervention into Yemen and sold them arms. Bush Jr. led the US into War with Iraq under false and/or misleading pretenses. Clinton committed multiple sexual misconducts while serving as President and was impeached on charges of perjury. Reagan had Iran/Contra Carter was pretty much clean. And his presidency is accordingly considered weak and ineffectual by many. Ford pardoned Nixon, allowing him to escape prosecution for the Watergate cover-up. Johnson massively expanded the US presence in Vietnam based on an attack that may or may not have actually happened. Kennedy had the Bay of Pigs, and quietly backed a coup in South Vietnam. Eisenhower supported the CIA overthrowing governments in Iran and Guatemala. He also refused to condemn McCarthy. Basically, if you're going to be President it pretty much should be assumed that you're going to partake in some shady shit. Bush Sr. was no saint, but as President he didn't really do anything more objectionable than anyone else who held the office. Even regarding the false testimony about Iraqi atrocities in Kuwait, the war was still fought for the right reasons and accomplished no more than exactly what the outlined goal was.
Both of them are bad
He worked to get the hearings public so people could see how much of a paranoid loon McCarthy was.
https://i.imgur.com/3Gb0IEV.jpg "Hmm, a "Krusty Burger," that doesn't sound very appetizing. What kind of stew do you have today?"
this just in, police have captured this footage of Bush's assassin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMUaH2j5HCs
He was married 74 years, got married just before WW2 ended. thats fucking crazy. That is some commitment
Of all the reasons to hate Bush Sr. (I hate him for his handling of the AIDS crisis), the Gulf War isn't one of them. I'd go as far as to say it was possibly the last war that the US participated in that had an actual point.
Normally when someone dies you feel something stir in your heart, some sort of sympathy, but I saw this headline earlier and just moved on. He lived long, I'll give him that.
I'm not gonna exactly mourn for the guy, but I ain't pissing on his grave, either.
H.W. Bush was pretty ok though lol, he did a few good things in his tenure
Truly one of the greatest leaders that the world has ever known, whose commitment to peace, advocacy for for the rights of minority groups and gender equality, and support for public healthcare and immigration helped make America into the greatest nation on Earth. He upheld the American Dream as a shining beacon for the people of the world, an example of how great and good a nation can be. He will live on in our hearts and in the ideals he so cherished, now a part of the American Spirit. God Bless.
You're exaggerating. Most people don't consider him a good person, they just think that celebrating an old man's death is one of the most pathetic things you can ever do. That kind of hate just isn't healthy.
Its more of the fact that we have some human decency when someone dies. They are dead and its about accepting it and moving on, not celebrating their death like a fucking monkey.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with being glad that someone is out of this world.
Allowing the deaths of over 194k people due to deliberately under-funding AIDS research sure is edgy, should take it up with the Bush-man than complaining about people being happy that a complete shitheel is dead.
So you've never criticized the actions of a dead person?
You are high on bad dick if you think Carter was a good president. Hes a good man and a generous individual but he was a terrible president.
There is solid grounds for criticising HW bush's actions and history. But celebrating his death is pathetic and comes across as very juvenile.
Well in fun fact, that George H. W. Bush was ant-Simpsons fans because in his viewing show not conservative enough to his 'standards'. And because of that, the episode was born as response by mocking him in pretty funniest way possible.
I've never criticized someone because they were dead. maybe an "about damn time" on a few occasions, but I've never used someone's death to vent political frustrations. it's disrespectful and straight up pointless.
ya true, the highway of death was definitely one of the US's shining moments in the pursuit of spreading liberty far and wide. Saddam was absolute shit, but the way that war was handled is a disgrace. You can't carpet bomb fleeing combatants(intertwined with fleeing Kuwaiti citizens/refugees) and take the moral high ground.
That doesn't really go against anything he says at all though? I don't think Bush Sr. personally ordered the attack on the retreating Iraqi.
That goes for virtually all wartime actions though, my friend. He approved shock and awe tactics, and approved the leaders involved in that war, and by proxy, has direct blame for the atrocities perpetrated in that war. A president is a figurehead, and with that title comes the blame for everything that happens within that government; some just have a more centralised hand in the actions of their government than others. He deserves blame by proxy automatically, but he clearly had no qualms with the war as well, so he deserves even harsher criticism for that too.
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