• Neil DeGrasse Tyson to be investigated following sexual misconduct allegations
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Considering the sources I'm skeptical on the validity.
I'm skeptical but for some reason I wouldn't be entirely surprised if the claims are valid. He's always felt "off" to me in a way that I can't place.
please god no
He always created the impression that he was hiding his real self behind a carefully constructed persona, something about him always felt forced or fake, like he either did not want to actually do it or did it purely because it benefited him.
Do you mean his personality or something? I'm not really a great judge of character, but I never really thought he seemed that unusual.
Oh hell naw. I call bullshit and even condemn the idea that someone of his stature could ever run into such fuckery.
Yeah, kind of. His mannerisms make me oddly uncomfortable. I've heard some pretty unflattering things about him here and there for quite a while, as well. I think he probably didn't do it, though.
His mannerisms always came off the same way as other people that dedicate so much time to learning a shit ton of science stuff... like he's not completely comfortable as a sociable person, but has to put on that persona because he's popular. He's not a celebrity by nature, just a scientist.
I'm sure you get plenty of pussy with that attitude.
All your heroes are dead etc etc That said I'm doubting this one.
i never really got neil tyson.. he has a uniqueness and passion but he's no carl sagan.
innocent until proven guilty, no doubt there are news outlets that could easily go ahead and slander somebody just with an article like this
Yeah, certainly no physics educator would ever sexually harass anyone (except Walter Lewin and Lawrence Krauss, just in the last few years).
I don't think that makes any sense. Just because you like somebody for whatever reason, doesn't make them incapable of rape/sexual assault. This is one of the most random posts ever but I can't stop laughing.
They both seem to be very poor sources and this really doesn't seem like him, from what I've seen he's usually a bit awkward and strange, but not in this sort of way. Obviously it's still a possibility, but unlike the other accusations of celebrities this has suddenly came entirely out of nowhere and the sources that are talking about it really don't seem credible or reliable at all.
I can believe this he always looks like he is impatient for the next oppertunity to cum hard
I can hardly believe it. From 2 women who reported it sounds a bit crazy. Drugged and rape, creepy advances and etc. I hope it's just those two women being over dramatic about it. Too often people shout sexual harrasment from simply tapping someone's shoulders or saying bad joke. I just hope it's not another one of those whom I liked a celeb before to turn into monster.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1215/fbc8b62e-b33c-46aa-b6cc-07939ac38acd/image1.jpg https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1215/3dbe731a-9742-4345-a605-4288d40e3988/image0.jpg
Reading the sources it sounds super flimsy.
Reading it so far the worst of it seems to be he had "creepy behaviour", which is a complete nothing accusation and a blogpost from a website dedicated to what seems to be alternative medicine website claiming she was raped by him. Sorry but I'll wait for some actual evidence before I make any judgements on this shit.
please no, rather have the worst thing he does is be shitty at nitpicking movies.
Guess his research into black holes went too far
Carl Sagan is so amazing to listen to.
We’ll see what the investigation turns up before I jump to any conclusions.
Despite all the unspoken rules we have for social interaction, human intimacy seems strangely like a wild west
His tweets are incredibly pretentious for one. “We would be in Mars if people spent less time contemplating football“ or whatever. Not sure how this plays into the allegations tho’ lol
he's tryin to imply that because you judge people based on how they "feel", that you gotta be an incredibly shallow person to say "He feels unusual so i wouldn't be surprised he raped someone". Like I completely agree any accusations should be investigated, & I'll wait for the authorities to conduct a proper investigation before jumping down the throats of the accusers and the accused, but come the fuck on dude like 70% of scientists are "off" and "weird" because of some reason or another. They're just not social people.
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