• Rape By Fraud at Purdue University Exposes Legal Loophole
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https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/davidmack/rape-fraud-consent-purdue-abigail-finney-joyce-short-grant “It was just one of those nights,” said Abigail, who sports long, straight brown hair, a pale complexion, and a ’90s hipster style. Her boyfriend, also a freshman, had asked her to come hang out in his room. He had some buddies over and they were playing video games on his futon. She retreated to the twin loft bed above. People were drinking, even though they weren’t supposed to. Abigail stayed sober, gazing at her laptop as she shopped online. Her boyfriend would pop up the ladder every now and then to snuggle and check in on her. It was Feb. 11, 2017. In a few days they’d celebrate their first Valentine’s Day as a couple. At one point, one of his friends, Grant, made a gross comment about hoping Abigail gets “good sex” from her boyfriend, she said. She figured he was being drunk and stupid, so she feigned amusement. They were a new couple after all. His friends were going to be weird about it. “As a girl you just kind of — you can’t fight everything, so you just kind of laugh about it,” she said. It got late. The night petered out. Abigail fell asleep with her boyfriend next to her. His three buddies crashed on the futon. Abigail is the kind of heavy sleeper who can turn off an alarm or have entire conversations with people and later not remember it. But this woke her up, at least partially: He was reaching from behind her, fondling her breast over her T-shirt. She let him touch her. They were quiet. His friends were asleep. She felt his hand slide under her pajama pants and start touching her clitoris. She went along with it. Still facing away, she grabbed his penis and inserted it into her vagina. They had sex. It was brief — maybe a minute, if that. She stopped it when she told him she had to use the bathroom. When she was done, she climbed the ladder to get back into bed. It was only then that she saw who was in it. It wasn’t her boyfriend. It was Grant. “I remember him grinning at me. It was a freaky image,” she said. “I was just kind of — I was frantic. I didn’t know what was going on.” She assumed the guys were playing a prank. She asked where her boyfriend was. Waking up, his other friends said they didn’t know. She noticed her keys were missing so she rushed to her dorm room and found her boyfriend asleep in her bed. She's been a wonderful friend to me while at college and hearing her story never fails to bring both sorrow and anger, first, for what happened to have occurred at all and then again for being robbed of justice on a technicality. As the article mentions, we're still dealing with the failures of the cultural context rape laws were established in hundreds of years ago. Just hope that stories like this continue to provide inertia enough for comprehensive change in society's handling of sexual violence.
Abigail was right to be confused. Under her state’s law, what Grant did was not technically illegal — even though he later admitted that he knew Abigail wasn’t consenting to sex with him. Oooooh, this guy is just an abashed shithead.
Under her state’s law, what Grant did was not technically illegal — even though he later admitted that he knew Abigail wasn’t consenting to sex with him. That’s because in Indiana, sex only becomes rape when it’s compelled through force or threats, if the victim is mentally disabled and can’t properly consent, or if he or she is unaware that the sex is occurring. What the fuck? So tricking people into having sex with you is A-okay in Indiana? That law needs to be rewritten. That Grant guy needs his ass kicked too.
He's a rapist, let's not shy away from that.
I can already hear the internet commenters scream in unison "She was just cheating on her boyfriend then changed her mind lmao"
Indiana can have some astoundingly bad politics but this time it isn't just them. Something like 220 million Americans live in a state where this would technically be considered legal and from a quick google search it looks like the UK and Israel are the only 2 nations with any clear legal protection for rape by fraud.
man first we drop a clock and now this, not a lot of good things coming from our school recently I wish Indiana was just a little less shit in the laws department. I swear we're not as crazy as everyone thinks but hearing about things like this definitely doesn't help our image
Abigail was right to be confused. Under her state’s law, what Grant did was not technically illegal — even though he later admitted that he knew Abigail wasn’t consenting to sex with him. Why do I really really want to punch this dickbags face in? If the law doesn't cover something, someone else needs to...
There was an old urban legend similar to this where a woman suspects her husband of cheating, so she follows him to a seedy Halloween party where everyone's wearing a mask. In disguise, she seduces her husband, not telling him who she is, to prove his infidelity. She later learns that the husband left the party early and gave his mask to someone else-the wife had slept with another man.
Except this doesn't apply here at all?
I don't get why the boyfriend went to go sleep at her dorm. That part confuses me the most, honestly.
“How long have you been in my room?” she asked urgently. He couldn’t sleep with her taking up space in his small twin bed, he said, so he’d retreated there hours ago. Simply that a twin bed with two people was hard to get any sleep in.
This article just makes me feel sick to my core. Grant is an absolute sociopath. What a piece of shit.
Hope he gets vigilantes on his ass
Why the fuck did the boyfriend leave his girlfriend with drunk dudes? Cause the bed is to fucking small? Be real man, you don't leave a woman alone in an environment like that, sleep on the goddamn floor, or kick them out, or if you're gonna go through all the trouble of going to her place, why not bring her with you? But not to discredit this girl, cause there's some nasty fuckers out there, but couldn't this be the case of "oops I had sex with my boyfriend's friend and now i'm panicking". Does the Grant kid got anything to say? Was there anything said by him? I hope if the girl did go through this, that justice is served, and the scumbucket gets thrown in jail. Also, if a person is asleep, and you start groping them, it's rape. What morons decided that there was different forms of rape? Rape is rape.
even though he later admitted that he knew Abigail wasn’t consenting to sex with him. Let's not give this fuckface the benefit of the doubt, he knew what he was doing.
What a "friend". But, I got to ask, how far rape by fraud go. Does the story of Rick Springfield's ""Bruce" count as a rape? This case is clear cut, tho.
I didn't see that part. My bad.
I need a shower after reading this article. What the actual hell.
What a scumbag. Technically she consented, but it wasn't informed consent, making him responsible for the negligence.
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