• EA Mocking Battlefield V Genderfield Community Complaints at Games Launch Party
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Way to rub what was a nonissue in.
Meanwhile they're having a hard time giving the game away.
Honestly, whilst I didn't really care much about this due to finding Battlefield games kinda crap since BF2142/BF2, I do get why some people find it kills their immersion. Saying that though, as usual, this became blown massively out of proportion and the game has never been even slightly close to realistic, so using an argument based on realism doesn't make sense to me.
Hmm it's almost like launching anything near a Rockstar game and after an anticipated CoD title is going to hugely negatively impact sales figures 🤔 Most of the base for Battlefield almost certainly either weren't involved in, or didn't care for, the whole "waahh women in WWII" shit that was going down. EA just have this really good habit of releasing games right at the same time as genuinely credible opposition is out and has already consumed potential buyers. That and the advertising for BF V has seemed genuinely lacklustre, I can't say I've really seen much of any for it out in public compared to BLops4 and RDR2.
Could've just called it Battlefield 1947 or something and nobody would have complained.
When developers tell people to not buy the game if they're going to be so "uneducated" in their complaints, and one of them uses a daughter who isn't even remotely part of the game's demographic as a sob excuse of being on the "right side of history" rather than simply pointing them out to be options more than anything, gee, is it a wonder that the game's sales probably took a hit? Follow that up with the aforementioned poor release timing sandwiched by AAA games from every front even despite a month delay, dropping prices making it seem like the game's a flop, a live service model to deal with the fact that there's only Germans vs. British with early "unseen" conflict stuff as an excuse to reuse BF1 assets liberally, and an underwhelming campaign yet again that is actually being overlooked for its own revisionist horseshit, it's kind of no wonder the game's not doing too hot despite having solid core gameplay as per usual.
Honestly pretty funny move by them.
this cant go wrong
I haven't heard much about it since it came out, was it a buggy mess like the beta?
Yeah they're not getting my money for this game
Regardless of what you think think of the customization controversy, this is not the way a professional AAA developer should behave. Whether you care about the customization or not, there were valid reasons for the complaints - I read a lot of comments about the topic here, on Reddit and elsewhere and I don't recall coming across an actual complaint that involved sexist reasons. Infact, it was the people defending the customization wholeheartedly who seemed to use sexist strawman arguments the most in order to try to attack people and avoid addressing their reasons for not liking it. EA have decided to misconstrue and mispresent this whole thing so they can dismiss it and mock their own players/customers. It's absolutely pathetic and disgusting behaviour from them.
Fucking good for them. The game might be unoriginal but being annoyed that they included women is stupid.
Complaining about the lack of/being too many/not being according to time period on a game like this, is such a loss of time and effort, A better idea would be complaining about how generic and repetitive the franchise is becoming.
God, Dice has really been shitting the bed the last couple years. And the sad part is, I don't think it's their fault. I'm pretty sure all of this bullshit is being executive mandated, including their responses to this and other controversies like the P2W mechanics in Star Wars Battlefront II.
I want to know what a person who knows nothing about battlefield thinks the game is about when they see this image
-60% sales doesn't happen because you had boring ads.
Nah it's their fault, they treat their customers like idiots and constantly try to nickle and dime them at every second. They also seem to have no idea how to manage developers or game projects, as seen by the amount of perfectly talented devs they burn through on the regular.
I think people are overthinking the "diversity push". It's not that. See, it's using the old Rockstar-esque tactic of drumming up controversy of your game to get people talking, get all those youtubers who are so NOT ANGRy about the game focusing on it and get it in peoples mouths. "You can play as a black Nazi chick" really is a nonissue. Didn't Call of Duty have this same "issue" a while back? Cuz I played quite a bit of CODWW2 and lemme tell you: Despite having the option otherwise, most people played as white dudes. Wonder why.
They're also already selling it for $35 in a few places, down from $60.
Neither does far right lunatics blowing up a non-issue lmao. There are so many issues with the release of the game that it's almost like EA tried to make this fail similarly to TF|2; Black Ops 4 beat it to the punch by a wide margin Red Dead 2 was a sales goldmine, people are still fully invested into it, especially now that the mp is out The game was delayed quite late into dev, which I'd expect impacts sales somewhat as people tend to plan around releases The marketing was somewhere between non-existent to "we tried guys we swear" I'm fairly sure we haven't got digital sales figures yet so the ~60% number I see everywhere is only for physical copies in an increasingly digital world The game seems to have been generally quite well received, but it is also being review bombed by brain geniuses hung up on the "ughh wimmins" shit still. Besides, looking at the historical sales trends for the series, the games are always relatively slow burners that take a week or two to actually pick up players; https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1081/0d7d3dda-3bad-4796-afa5-1f48cf02f60c/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1081/23b4ee7e-7987-4460-9d10-b56e63c84029/image.png It's been out for just over a week or so now, going by history it may pick up. The release times for the Battlefield games were always bound to end with shit like this happening because for some reason EA insist on trying to compete with the CoD beast.
CoD: Ghosts introduced playable multiplayer females and no one batted an eye. WW2 brought them in and didn't remotely try to advertise it or make a big deal about it, so people just sort of ignored it. The lootboxes and terrible hub design mentality were more critical to say the least. It's a very different angle, where it's not about the female soldiers, they're just there for gameplay options. DICE may be swedish devs, but between BF1 focusing extremely heavily on the Harlem Hellfighters for 10 minutes before dropping them altogether and BFV pushing female soldiers like it's a really big fucking deal (and being added in DLC for BF1, though they weren't aggressively virtue signaling then) and sniping back at incredulous consumers, it's really obvious that someone's pushing this one hard. Nevermind the War Story with the female resistance fighter and her mother basically fictionalizing and Hollywood-ifying the efforts of an entire operation of British and Norwegian soldiers that simply do not exist in the game's fast-and-loose "adaptation" of the operation, or the whole French-Senegalese storyline that (to my understanding, correct me if i'm wrong) tries to contextualize the French mistreatment of the Senegalese Tirailleurs and the freezing of their pensions as a Stalin-tier conspiracy of literally trying to wipe them from the history books, photographs and everything.
I think ea have mastered cynical corporate diversity
While the complaints about women are just annoying, especially compared against much bigger issues like the horrendous use of other customization features, EA absolutely does exploit social topics to try glossing over their failures. When they screw up they tend to very quickly follow up with a video or campaign showing how active they are in some social cause. The one I most distinctly remember was in the spring a couple of years ago there was some controversy they were getting flak for and a lot of articles were being written and complaints posted online. Then EA suddenly posted a video, completely irrelevant to anything and entirely out of the blue, showing how a bunch of their games allow for homosexual relationships and how great they are for it. It was so fucking blatant they were trying to distract from whatever controversy was going on. And they do it all the time.
There was a whole controversy around “Black Female Nazis” with COD:WWII. and to the rest, so what? It’s a piece of interactive fiction. Fiction will always take liberties, big and small, with its setting.
Imagine being an alt right chud and getting mad cause women are in your war video games shooting guns lol
How is it possible to fall for false flags this blatant?
There's fictionalizing World War 2, which has happened so much that people are used to it at this point, and then there's fictionalizing it in ways that portray fiction as fact with no disclaimers or hints of exaggeration beyond the usual movie-style dramatization. Maybe I am a bit too bothered about this, but Battlefield V veers heavily into the latter. Even Battlefield 1 had the excuses of unreliable narrators and clever writing, but the context of the developer's opinions and actions involving V paint this all in a rather negative light.
lol, can I equip a cyborg arm? I legit thought this game was an Alt-history WW2 game from the trialer. Is that not true?
Newest Wolfenstein looks great. They even added multiplayer!
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