• Smalland: A Case for Transparency in Early Access Games
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https://medium.com/@dimitriknight/smalland-a-case-for-transparency-in-early-access-games-d972e6b77e78 This an article I wrote to take account for current trends with early access titles and my experience being in game development teams.
it's pretty ridiculous to see this sort of thing happen time and time again because developers don't actually have to prove themselves capable before getting paid. crowdfunding and early access has become a massive scam that people willingly buy in to time and time again. also did you ever get your 1.6k?
You have grounds for a lawsuit tbh. Take them to court.
Absolute bullshit, I'm tired of this kind of crap in the game industry. You even got ghosted out of payment too. That's fucked up. That screenshot is absolute grounds for a lawsuit. If you go through with a lawsuit, take a phone video of you looking at the screen with that message in Discord before you initiate the lawsuit. This way they can't call bullshit on your screenshot nor can they delete their messages in advance.
I was actually offered a job to work on this game. I denied it as I had previous experience with the project showrunner and it was not pleasant.
It's difficult to pay for a lawyer when I only have 120 dollars in my account and work minimum wage
Send me your paypal email if you have one Stiffy360#6921
I feel you. 1600$ would've been 6 weeks of paychecks at my last job. But if you're willing to write an article calling them out, you should try to at least see if there's a lawyer willing to help you get your money either pro-bono or on a cut. This should be a fairly simple case for you. I don't like saying "go ask Reddit," but go ask Reddit. There are tons of talented young lawyers with nothing better to do than win easy cases like this for the little guy. Good luck.
Looks like the main people involved are based out of Turkey so probably not as easy as that, they probably aren't even a registered company tbh. I think this also speaks about due diligence and being careful when getting involved in these projects until you know you can trust them without handing too much work over to them before any payments. I know it might not have seemed so earlier on in the year but 5 minutes searching and you can see how much of a shitshow this project is - Unprofessional devs, sketchy excuses/posts, lack of updates/communication, plenty of evidence of outright lying constantly etc. Their Indigogo only received $4,000 out of $50,000 so questionable where any funding is coming from up until they got some undisclosed amount of funding from Epic but it just looks like they are trying to get people to work on the project before scamming them out of being paid.
Article doesn't work.
Hm... might have been reported by Smalland staff or it might have been taken down because of the chatlogs I'll see if I can repost (without the chatlogs, but they are pertinent to the article.
If the devs are trying to take you silent it's only a matter of time before your article can become widespread.
My Medium account has been suspended but no response as to why.
I'm trying to retrieve it from my local Google cache, to link it to you. Unfortunately, Google Chrome removed the chrome://cache/ control earlier this year. Making this much more difficult than it should be.
I still have the link to ur imgur pictures https://imgur.com/a/CzpLSs6
Supposedly Medium's policy is to forward DMCA takedowns to Chilling Effects, if that's what happened here. But they seemed to have stopped doing that a while ago. I e-mailed their support asking about how they report takedowns.
Unfortunately my cache of the article is just a bunch of NULs, so it's useless. Sorry I can't help you salvage your text, mate.
Backup here!, I was still lucky that i still have the tab of the article open https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/107078/c7a75b89-8cb6-4548-81c8-203060abb0c8/Screenshot_2018-12-03 Smalland A Case for Transparency in Early Access Games.jpg
That's a Ditto from me. Fuck those guys trying to take advantage of you.
Typical Rustic behavior. Stay fuckin far away from anything that he's even interested in.
Medium has a policy of not leaking DMs, I think.
@Reg Hello, Im from the Smalland Discord channel, can you give me your Discord ID? Because I have some questions to ask you
Invite @Reg to the discord channel instead(if not already there) and initiate conversation through there, just asking for a discord ID is shady af
I've always wondered what shady shit goes on in some early access games behind the scenes. The days of the ideas guy joining a forum and begging for help are gone, now they just start a Kickstarter and hire freelancers after the fact with money they probably still don't have.
Man as someone who has backed a few kickstarters and know how much work some people put into making them presentable and professionably made the fact that some people use them for scummy business practices is totally deplorable. And your situation makes my blood outright boil.
Updated with an edited article.
Ask them here on a public forum unless you're an absolute fucking chicken shit.
https://puu.sh/CbW8S/85cfb2c3cd.png This is now comedic.
Pay for the services rendered. Scamming people who worked for you and scamming the community. Hope more people see them exposed for who they are.
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