• Bank of America completes Brexit switch to Dublin
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https://www.reuters.com/article/us-britain-eu-bank-of-america/bank-of-america-completes-brexit-switch-to-dublin-idUSKBN1O20PD?il=0 Bank of America said on Monday that it now employs over 800 people in Dublin and that its new European headquarters would operate through branches in Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris and Zurich. Welcome Lads, enjoy the stay
But banks won't move out of the UK due to Brexit though, so I'm pretty sure you got this wrong.
And so, confidence in the UK drops and the big corporations move out... COULDN'T POSSIBLY HAVE SEEN THIS ONE FUCKING COMING!
"THIS WAS PART OF OUR PLAN ALL ALONG, TO DECEIVE THE SASANACH" https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/225353/d29b5c68-593e-47ec-920a-ae2d884a89fa/britishneighbour.PNG
But muh satellite offices
Not rubbing a potato, 3/10.
I rate it 26+6/1
Scaremongering article. "Bank of America will relocate up to 125 jobs from Britain, mostly to Ireland, as part of the move” Oh no 125 jobs have moved, whatever will we do!
That's easy for you to say when it's not your job
HSBC has moved 1000 Jobs. Lloyds: 100 Jobs JPMorgan: 100 Jobs Barclays: 150 Jobs BOA: 125 Jobs UBS: ~1000 Moneygram: Unknown EMA: 890 Jobs European Banking Authority: 180 Jobs Those are quick numbers from literally googling: "brexit jobs relocated" and opening random news article. That's 3545 Jobs lost (That's only few companies). Take 125 here, 100 there, 150 from another place and you get decent number built up.
bank of america of dublin of ireland
Alright, we get it, you don't know anything about economics, jeez.
I mean I think they would have done this at some point with or without Brexit. Ireland has some pretty good tax incentives to set up base there, which is why Medtronic officially moved their headquarters from Minnesota to Ireland.
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