• Tumblr banning adult content come December 17th
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And then the site will be useless
I guarantee that traffic will be cut down by a massive amount.
I can't believe Tumblr is fucking dead.
Well I'm not entirely surprised by this.
ouch, RIP tumblr
There goes the only reason go to that rather irritating to use website.
Damn, they must be getting some serious hits in ad support if they're willing to cut out one of the main things people go there for. Does Tumblr still belong to yahoo? Because this also seems like something an out of touch businessman would do.
Bold move...
Goodbye any reason to use it.
Hopefully Tumblr realizes that they're shooting themselves in the foot and backpedals, not holding my breath though.
Most materials hailing from tumblr gets reposted elsewhere anyways. Twitter may take over as the new HQ.
Yeah this does seem a very Yahoo move.
Now where am I gonna get high quality cock gifs?
Misleading title, should be "Tumblr to shoot itself and die on December 17th"
How to kill your platform in one easy move!
Twitter is terrible for high quality art because Twitter compresses everything to shit. I literally have to leave 1 pixel of transparency in my pictures because Twitter doesn't compress transparent pictures, lol.
Sounds like a "advertisers want us to gut the system until they're happy" kind of decision.
Tumblr was clunky but at least there was a tag system. It's almost impossible to find anything specific on Twitter in someone's timeline.
they really are too lazy to fix their problems huh
nudity found in art, such as sculptures and illustrations [...] can be freely posted on Tumblr. so 2d is okay then?
upsetting to see that they could go even further beyond the usual mismanagement. they broke the sound barrier with this one chief
Yet another great business decision from Yahoo
Like shooting yourself in the foot!
Tumblr ceasing to exist come December 18th. Seriously how do you think it's a good idea for a website that's used primarily for porn to ban NSFW content? This is like if Pornhub actually took down videos that people reported for nudity.
hopefully they'll retract this change once people start getting rowdy. otherwise, this isn't just about nsfw, it's about how they're clueless on how to run the darn website to begin with.
Uninstall Tumblr, Install Pixiv, and watch as yet another platform capable of hosting more personal communities is destroyed because "reddit is (NOT) sufficient"
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