• Tumblr banning adult content come December 17th
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Oh man this is saucy stuff my guy
saves for what what do I put these in
Yeah nuke FP while we're at it. Afterall, people posted CP here too, better nuke the entire site.
its for 3D Custom Girl or if you have tso2pmx or tso2pmd MMD
Someone who was confirmed to have worked there said that the staff was literally dude bros who basically have done nothing but just follow what their parent company wants. Thats why they havent touched the site in like 5 years other than to push stupid shit that is broken.
I wouldn't really consider glassdoor reviews to be confirmed employees.
It may as well not exist at all anymore since it's been being thought policed by corporate interest since verizon bought it as highlighted by the net neutrality discussion censorship pointed out last page. It sucks because im sure tumblr held an important place and habit for a lot of people, but there's a line that gets crossed at some point where a previously neutral discussion platform stops being that because of money and it's just a shell of it's former self.
I am pretty much done with tumblr at this point cause I had 27 posts get flagged from my art posted there. I am 99% sure I'll get banned the second I post something else, whether it's smut or not.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/134149/7e92de7e-cb49-484c-9e01-ac48ef4a2524/image.png Tumblr Staff — lilltcross if this is the real tumblr staff they're just baiting controversy and hatred at this point
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1750/ccc39b02-e094-474e-a2eb-d387a0fb4499/image.png pornhub throwing their hat into the ring now
I mean that's neat but part of the charm for a lot of these artists was being equal parts nsfw and normal
I never heard of anyone being reported on pornhub for postibg SFW stuff
yeah I'm sure they'll love the random drawings of dogs and x-files gifs
ehhh Pornhub is too much of a taboo to leave it on your bookmark like that. At least with tumblr you can pretend to be looking at 'inspirational' art.
patreon better be sweating after that one, I know they and kofi have fired a few warning shots across peoples' noses recently. And here I was gearing up for my own NSFW donations competitor, "Just The Tip"
iirc flagged posts will become unviewable for anyone but yourself eventually
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Honestly, I think it's a pipedream for PornHub to ever be anyone's serious competitor outside of well, porn, in particular videos, just because of the name. But I also don't think they intend to. I think they just do this old "oh hey you know we're always right here" gag because it's really cheap, really outrageous viral marketing that makes them seem like a more genuine and friendly company and not yet another corporate entity profiting off of your splooge.
I mean, the whole point of this is NSFW content followers and creators looking for new outlets. Not all of the userbase is just looking for flat-out porn but NSFW content creators of all walks are in dire need of outlets that aren't going to shut them out or withhold money your customers paid. Imagine a solid exodus of people who have certain expectations from broader community tools showing up looking for that experience, I think PH would adjust things to their benefit pretty fast
Tumblr has been a hellsite from day one, I knew it was only a matter of time from my first day of using it that it would die. Yahoo buying it put a more definite time on the clock, and their Uber shitty app didn't help either. And I do have to say I'm wicked excited for the newgrounds come back. Kinda wanted an excuse to use it again, now if only I can figure out what my original account from like 10 years ago was
Newgrounds has this stupid thing that you have to be scouted by someone to appear on their art subsite. And it looks like there are no sections for scraps or unfinished works. Not exactly the best site to use as primary gallery as of now.
you can just select not to have your art in the art portal if it's a sketch/not finalized piece. there's a box you tick that says as much. also i was skeptical too, but it took less than 5 minutes for 3 random strangers to scout me after uploading a few pieces of my shitty art so needless to say i was pleasantly surprised.
So to recap this week: Skeuomorphic design is coming back to computers Newgrounds.com is now a hot site Season 2 of SpongeBob is now a conversation piece My god, have the 2000's come back to save us from this awful decade?
If they see an uptick in artists coming over there, it's not beyond the realm of possibility they'll take criticism on board and improve the site for them. Though that hinges on newgrounds behaving as a decent alternative rather than merely one of the few realistic alternatives.
I got scouted in literally seconds after I uploaded my fourth piece. It's still kinda jank and dumb but I'm hoping the updates they planned will make the place better for tumblr users.
That's not what skeumorphism is, not even close.
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