• Epic announces the Epic Games Store, a more developer friendly Steam
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how long before Tencent starts bring chinese censorship?
Lets be real here, most of those don't hold a finger next to Steam. This is probably the best chance we'll ever get as consumers on an actual legitimate competitor to Steam. I'm very excited for this as someone who's tired of Valve's shit.
You forgot social club.
Oh my god we don't need another one there's already too much.
Tencent having control over it automatically ranks it worse than Valve in my opinion. I do not trust them at all.
They don't tho? I get why people hate on Tencent and I'm not a big fan of them either, but they don't really seem to touch Epic much at all. I know they still own Epic at the end of the day but I trust the situation enough that Epic will handle it entirely without Tencent.
Looks very promising. The revenue split is much more dev-friendly - 88/12 instead of 70/30, and they're also waiving the 5% license fee for UE4 for sales via their store. Hand curation is a double-edged sword. For consumers, it means it'll miss some games you want, but every game on it will be an actual decent game, no rubbish to dig through. For devs, it means you might not get on the platform if you're not good enough or too niche or even just too similar to another game they've signed, but it also means much more visibility once you do get on Steam. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on it. They'll need to add some Steam-ish features - achievements, matchmaking, maybe chat and friends (although Discord's kind of taken over that). And how they curate will be important. But I'm a big fan of the numbers they're saying.
You really got to love the timing on this btw. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/190497/05845a40-5098-4f92-b57c-e07fe13f539d/Capturar.PNG https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/190497/7298678e-2be3-4f7e-b03f-92fd1e5fb049/2.PNG
Well they are all based out of your country for tax purposes, so why not? Competition is good, but it will be very unlikely to dent Steam's massive user base in the short term. Epic games does have the potential of doing so due to Fortnite userbase being in their "ecosystem" and so with the next generation not being on steam, but rather Fortnite if nothing comes along to usurp the throne on Steam. This is wishful thinking, but is an entirely feasible long term strategy for them. Especially since Epic is providing incentives for those who use Unreal Engine for their games and those who create media content with it.
And there are most likely more storefronts on the way. This is exactly why Valve lowered the revenue share percentage for AAA games but not for Indies. They are afraid of losing the income coming from all the big titles as publishers move away to create their own storefronts. That combined with their severely damaged reputation and the fact that everyone and their dogs is now doing "live service" games in the style of TF2 and Dota 2 has probably given them cold feet.
For indies this might be a lot better. Valve has been consistently screwing up the steam store for both the consumers and indies.
Oh boy, that's total annihilation if I've ever seen it. I think we might be seeing the beginning of the end of Valve's dominance in regards to online gaming storefronts here.
I personally would rather platform free .exe installs that you can execute from an aggregator of your choice. Steam technically works similarly, GoG games are platform free, and Humble offer platform free installs as well as a key. So it's not a unviable future.
I wonder if this will have online subsystem support like Steam does?
I'm not. Everything is getting out of hand. When only Steam was around, I didn't have to remember several passwords to keep track of all my games. All because publishers don't want to give Steam a cut of the money. I can get that, but I'm pretty sure thats gonna hurt for a while before actually making bank on that decision, plus theres gonna be a few people that don't adhere to stuff like this and stop buying games within a franchise because of this, like for example Dead Space and Mass Effect. This IS a minority though. By far the worst is having everything split to me though, but then again, I don't have many reason, if any, to complain about Valve.
The less of a monopoly Steam has the better. Plus, it's not like this is worse than the past. I'd rather my games are conveniently available through various services than having to manage fifty different websites and download links and shit, or fucking discs.
Tencent doesn't control Epic though. Majority is owned by Tim Sweeney and Mark Rein. Tencent are only "advisors", on paper at least and that is what guys from Epic themselves told me when I met a few of them years ago.
Whoa. I didn't expect them to waive engine royalties like that. That's awesome.
I like Epic and what they do. Usually I would be against another Store but this could be a lot better then the crap Ubisoft or EA deliver. Its just the question of how open they are gonna be later on. The start with hand-curated games will not be much different then the others are right now really. I do wonder if my 30€ Unreal credit apply to the game store. I got that from years ago when UE went free and just never used it in the asset store.
This is really only gonna be good if there's no exclusives. A lot of people like to say "more steam competition is good", but more programs doesn't mean more competition. Battlenet, Uplay, Bethesda are all examples of more programs not competing, because they serves almost entirely as a storefront for their OWN games. It would be competition if games were on every store, since you could then pick one to roll with based on customer service, drm, prices. When you can ONLY pick up game x on store x, it's not competing with store y. The game might be competing with y's collection, but the stores themselves can be as terrible as they want, it doesn't matter. Discord store is an okay idea aside from "discord store 90 day exclusives", got is good since it serves as drm free competition, origin is okay minus eat exclusives ,but a lot of publisher stores are not competing, you don't have a choice if you want to play their game. That being said, it sounds like epic wants this to be a more general store ala gog or steam, but we'll see how it goes. I don't think steam will necessarily be dethroned anytime soon, it's simply too gargantuan and encompasses too many fields (chat, games, software, community, media sharing) to be easily removed similar to how I think discord will stick around a long time as long as it keeps doing entrenching people in communities, but new stuff never hurts (unless it's just a publisher launcher )
So I guess that WeGame won't be launched in the west since it'll operate as Epic Games Store?
Epic Games, developer of titles like Fortnite, the first Gears of War trilogy, and Unreal Tournament Last unreal tournament update was like 1+ year ago.
making game store is really a massive challenge these day with many morales issue, i really hope epic does good on them. we'll see it
If things keep going this way, Valve's gonna have to start making games again
i fail to see how this is any better than what valve offers overall
Yes. Competition is good.
I personally miss discs. At least when I had a disc I owned the game, but now all it takes is for Valve to decide to yeet my account to oblivion for me to lose access to over 260 games that I have purchased.
Oh shut up with this bullshit excuse. It's not that much of an inconvenience. You don't bitch about there being multiple stores to get your groceries from and complain there's too many different locations so instead it should just be an Amazon grocery story. I hate this line of argument. This move is nothing but good
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