• Luke Sky Walker arrested for violating probation in Tennessee
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https://www.foxnews.com/us/luke-sky-walker-lands-in-jail-after-arrest-in-tennessee The Force was not with Luke Sky Walker when he was arrested this week by Tennessee police, according to a report. Walker, 21, of Johnson City, Tenn., was arrested Thursday on a charge of violating probation, WJHL-TV reports. He was on probation in connection with a felony theft charge, the station reported. Walker was being held without bond at the Carter County jail, according to online records. He was arrested in 2017 on charges of stealing 46 road signs with three cohorts, the Elizabethton Star reported at the time. Walker and the others were found with the stolen signs in the back seat of a car after a traffic stop in Carter County, according to the paper. https://twitter.com/HamillHimself/status/1069159567966330880
Maybe he's the bigger Luke they're reffering to in the bigger Luke Skywalker theory
Don't think so, he's barely 5'6".
Honestly, if my parents gave me that name, I'd probably end up in a life of crime too.
This thread is just Imperial propaganda.
He was on probation for stealing 46 road signs, what a Tennessee thing to do
thought this was about Mark Hamil
What's the point of stealing road signs? Is it what they're made of?
This is not the Skywalker you're looking for.
Some signs are definitely worth stealing.. Those are the signs you need to apply a lot of elbow grease to secure. Then you get to go around and hang them on your wall or other inappropriate places.
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