• Starbreeze HG raided by authorities, one arrested
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Developing story: Starbreeze HQ has been raided by Swedish authorities, one arrest..
Rip starbreeze.
This has been a rollercoaster.
They finally found where the Payday gang was hiding I guess.
well that escalated quickly
Waiting to hear something about Bo having fled the country next.
police assault in progress
What's interesting is both the CEO and CFO sold stocks just mere days before declaring that the company was hemorrhaging money due to OTWD flopping. Not a month after the release of the game the CEO is forced to resign effective immediately on order of the board (even though they say it was a mutual decision). That said the CFO left in October, so it doesn't feel likely he's the one they arrested today. 🤔
They're gonna need a medic bag at the end of it
I didn't even know OTWD fuckin' came out already... Wow.
Why would you even try to make a walking dead game right at the decline of its popularity.
"Nu har de skitit i det blå skåpet" Well this is certainly a interesting development. Just waiting for THQ Nordic to suck up the remains
Being roughly 600 million crowns in debt I'm foreseeing IP's being sold off for pennies. Payday 3 developed by EA when?
Note that this was raid on a specific person who was arrested, not a raid on the company. One laptop was taken into possession
Oh, they grabbed way more than one laptop. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/110384/d8a0f323-80fb-4c6f-95ce-ed2f6d155e8e/image.png
They took a very long time developing it. Also I think the Walking Dead franchise is a curse for anyone making games for it. 2 bankrupt companies and a giant flop from Activision.
So this is the sequel to RAID WWII?
Is that the actual figure lmao, damn
Loans to the bank (Nordea), a Korean developer (Smilegate) and a tech giant (Acer). Long-term loans of 512 million SEK and short-term loans of 97 million SEK. The estimated liquidity will only last until January 2019, hence the appeal for reconstruction.
Anyone have a FUCKING MEDIBAG?
I didnt even knew Starbreeze was the one with System Shock 3. It sucks that SS1 remaster went nowhere now SS3 would probably end up going nowhere as well.
I'm hoping 10 Chambers takes the chance to reclaim what is rightfully theirs
The SS1 plans went nowhere beacuse they immediately decided it wasn't going to be a remake (despite that being what they pitched) but rather a re-imagining, which wasn't what people wanted. It's still being worked on though, but it'll take a while.
I sort of hope they ditch it. SS1 Enhanced is pretty much the definitive version of SS1 and the general change in aesthetics (and especially sound) they had going on for it looked like dogshit. They were SS2-ifying a lot of the mood and sound when SS2 wasn't even intended to be a sequel for a large chunk of its development, just a spiritual successor. I like both games, but SS1 is not SS2 and making either of them more like the other is foolhardy at best and stupid at worst.
BOIS NO LONGER IN THE HOUSE: Update 03/12/2018: Starbreeze has filed for reconstruction and replaced its CEO. “The decision is based on a shortage of liquidity and deemed to be a necessary step to give the Company the time needed to negotiate a long-term financial solution and implement changes in the organisation and operations,” reads the Starbreeze press release. “The financial targets for Q4 2018 and 2020 no longer applies.” ‘Reconstruction’ is Sweden’s version of a company going into administration, so things aren’t looking good for the future of Starbreeze. The only way it can survive now is if it gets a big intake of cash, and fast. It could get this cash by sourcing investments, or selling off brands. For now, the company will operate as normal, but CEO Bo Andersson has departed the company. Deputy CEO Mikael Nermark is taking his place as acting CEO.
To be fair it wasn't even a very good game, they nickel and dimed payday then made two subpar games. Not a huge surprise things didn't go well
Man imagine Payday 3 by EA. You don't rob in the game the game robs you.
In fact, he seems to have fled the country Polisrazzia mot spelutvecklaren Starbreeze "The company founder and former CEO Bo Andersson Klint currently resides at an address outside the country." You are not yourself sought after by the police? - I can not comment on it at all. Have you had contact with the police and prosecutors? - I do not comment on that. I have been ordered not to comment on anything. You are not suspicious? - I have no comment. Why did you leave the company? - As you know, I and the board went separate ways. Why did you do that? - I do not want to talk more about how hard this is. I have been fired. I would certainly be able to write an entire book about Starbreeze, but I do not think that's what people are looking for right now.
If you look at NightDive's more recent dev stream's they are pretty clearly shifting more towards the original style though? Closer to the original demo they put out. https://youtu.be/TvzXqhh_ktQ These textures are all placeholder but it should show that they are intending on going back to the original style.
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