• 36 more games found in the PS Classic diff, including Crash, Tony Hawk 2
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https://www.gamerevolution.com/news/465753-report-playstation-classic-has-36-hidden-games-sony-hasnt-enabled diff https://twitter.com/AlphaFoxWarfare/status/1070139936924405760/
Now see if they revealed THIS list of games, I might have possibly been excited for PS Classic.
Oh shit MediEvil
fucking soul reaver too, I'd be sold at that point but Sony just doesn't know how to no shart themselves
If there's a way to re enable them, especially toy story 2, I'll go buy one of these in a heartbeat. That game was my absolute jam, felt so good even going back to it recently.
fucking fighting force and alpha 3 on that list. How do you fuck up that bad.
Your name starts with Sony. That’s how.
Looks to be the UI files, since they're in the config section. Maybe it's like the PS All-Stars thing, they have this grand idea of competing with Nintendo but couldn't secure distribution rights, so they have to put the show together with finger puppets?
With the way the game industry is going something tells me they're planning on releasing a way of unlocking these games. Kind of like how sometimes DLC is already on the disk, and the DLC "download" is just a bit of code unlocking it.
Seems rather hard to do on a console with no online capability. It's much more likely that they started with the intention of a better game list, and then failed to get the rights (at a cost they were willing to pay).
The first couple lines of that image I was just like, "Ohh. That's neat." But didn't really care. Then I reached the third line and saw Soul Reaver, MediEvil, and MegaMan Legends and I was in it. Throw in PaRappa the Raper, Parasite Eve, Silent Hill, the Tomb Raider. I'd have considered getting one had this been the line up.
Now that's a lineup worth buying the thing for
These are literally all the games people were saying should have been on it.
yeah, sony isn't that dumb, they should know they're own platform the best. It was just never meant to be ;_;
Soul Reaver alone would have got me If that wasn't obvious
How do you fuck up this badly I mean yes this will sell them more units but HOW
Either they aren't enabled so they can sell them later, or they first just put a bunch of roms on there (easy) and then sought the licences after. Maybe they don't have the license to sell those games.
Pretty obvious they literally just grabbed a popular emulator and a bunch of ROMs and kept the ones they got the licences for.
Holy shit they had everything they needed not to fuck this up and gain a shitload of cash RIGHT THERE, and they blew it wide open! That's just INCREDIBLE.
It doesn't shock me that THPS2 is on there but not playable. The THPS series is notorious for being extremely hard to distribute due to all the music licensing in the series.
I hope someone cracks this thing so that I can put whatever the fuck I want on it, like the Nintendo ones. I get the feeling they're gonna do some dumb shit like sell a way to unlock more games, and I won't have it. That said, the thing these classics do best is presentation, hence why I even give a shit. The closest you could probably get to this is Retroarch due to its XMB interface. I wanna be able to use the original controllers and have that PS1 inspired UI and be able to forget about disc swapping and shit. And have a home console experience without using a much less flashy raspberry pi, where I can still make the games LOOK better. At the very least someone emulate the UI for the classic consoles so I can use them dammit, they're SO COOL
Gran Turismo would be another. ON TOP of having all the car licenses to deal with. Games with licensed anything are pretty much a no go, unless they had the incredible forsight and luck to make the license practically permanent (like 100 years or something ridiculous).
This definitely seems like it came down to licensing issues then. That's a shame. Also a shame to see a game like Legend of Dragoon wasn't even considered.
i wonder if it'd be possible to have a new controller unlock these things? considering sony's attempted to lock down the usb on these things, it could be that it would look for a certain device id or some kind of shit like that over usb and unlock stuff based on that?
I looked into the article, and surprise surprise, you can reconfigure the emulator by just plugging in a USB keyboard and hitting the escape key while playing a game. They couldn't even be assed to lock this thing down in any way, shape or form.
If it gets blown open hard enough people might be able to replace the emulator with BeetlePSX and run these games with some nice enhancements like PGXP...
Who even owns the rights to that one?
Sony by the looks of it
Presumably so, as Dart was considered for their All-Stars Battle Royale game and he was even fully modeled. But they canned it.
Just to clarify since the article gets this really wrong: These games are NOT on the system already. All that exists on the system are entries and settings for running these games, showing us that Sony at least tested them on the system at some point. The system only has 16GB of storage space, which isn't nearly enough to hold all those games (especially considering that the firmware lists multiple regional duplicates for most of them).
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