• Volkswagen says next generation of combustion engine cars to be its last
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I'll believe it when I see it
yeah right, they were forced to say that after dieselgate
They'll probably just make a lazy hybrid after that and call it a day. Being the last generation could mean a long time though. Some car generations can run 10 to 20 years.
I mean, considering that the company was started by the Nazis and got in trouble for releasing toxic gases, I do think it's probably best that they avoid them now, yes.
Generation of course lasting as long as they need it to
Nazis also breathed the same air as you, better avoid that too
Better yet, why not make the current generation the last?
Whilst that would be ideal, I imagine the next generation has been in development for some time.
Yeah, this is cool but it's slightly disheartening to think that carmakers will still be rolling out "new generation" ICE cars in 2026
henry ford hated jews so i guess ford motor company is evil too
It wasn't a serious post.
Hell my engine has been used since the 80s, and it's basically only been revamped to add injection
VW condemned for testing diesel fumes on humans and monkeys | Bu.. They literally gassed people and monkeys last year. The germans just can't fucking help themselves, really
that's true I gas at least 4 kingergarten kids every day on my way to uni
Wait, that's not normal in other countries?
It's in their blood. There is only so much pacifying of the german people you can do with farming and forklift simulators. The german people can't be contained much longer
Better avoid much of it thanks to these Nazis lying through their teeth and cheating the emission results of their cars. No one should be buying Volkswagen at all.
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