• Satanic statue installed at US statehouse
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If the church had real balls, they would compete with them by making statues of Satan being cast out.
Finally some good news!
It actually got installed this time? Nice!
The One big thing I dislike about Abrahamic religion is that it makes Lucifer a martyr for humanity. They should have kept it simple like Zoroastrianism and made Lucifer a more faithful rendition of angra mainyu so y'know he'd actually be a unsympathetic douche rather than the "I see where he's coming from but he's still kind of a dick" douche.
I'm all for more public architecture featuring sculpted statues Modern architecture needs more art in it
I approve
Are you thinking of the [url=https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2001292691/satanic-temple-unveils-statue-of-goat-god-baphomet-outside-us-government-building]Baphomet statue[/url], that was sick af ngl. This one looks like an art school project
So this is to mock religion and not necessarily mean you believe in the actual devil right? Because if you did actually believe in the actual devil Satan, that would mean you would believe in God as well. So this is just a middle finger to religion?
So the group that put this up does not believe in a literal Satan, or god for that matter. That being said, misotheism, or believing in God and hating him, is totally a thing.
oh shit gottem
Regardless of their beliefs, it's more about giving a middle finger to religious hypocrites that don't respect the Constitution.
Satanism is more like a parody. The main ideals it upholds mostly boil down to "don't be a dick to each other."
They don't use Satan in the same way a stereotypical satanic cult does, they use him as the antithesis of bigoted Christians, and their membership are more than likely athiests. As @Rastadogg said, their beliefs are basically "don't be a dick to each other". They also use the religious aspect to challenge religion and government: This isn't the first time they erected a religious display on State property because another Religion had already done so.
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