• Fortnite Creative announced (sandbox mode)
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I'm going to do something like Call of Duty did, but with Unreal Tournament maps.
*Gmod active players drop to 0*
A moment of silence for the last remaining GMod sandbox servers that had to include pvp just to stay hip
no thanks, i prefer gmod
i'm sorry does fortnite let me install big tiddy mods I DIDN'T THINK SO
Minecraft, however...
Finally we can make the new Unreal Tournament like it is meant to be made.
Until I can utilize the physics in a way to make explosive-powered piston engines that drive massive battle machines over the landscape, my heart stays with Garry's Mod.
Yeah, without physics this is glorified Minecraft without the survival elements. A roleplay mode would be cool, but god that would be toxic and I'd love to see Garry sue.
Why are you guys making all these comparisons to gmod? This is much closer to Forge in halo than anything, and I for one remember the tons of fun I had in that mode.
s&box is fucking dead before it even got released
maybe this will will move out kids from gmod and it will be a pleasant game to play online again
"It's ya boi moony, signing off."
you coulda just stopped at br like every other brave gamer, but attacking save the world? big fucking mistake kiddo, i will fight you
Can I build a big flying trash can dick and crash it into a giant vagina made of shipping crates?
I like it, I think this is a good thing. I have zero interest in Fortnite, but if all the kids in the world is playing it, they might as well be exposed to something where you can create stuff, not just a braindead battle-royale game.
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