• Rapper Soulja Boy releases a gaming console, among other electronics
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SouljaGame Console and Handheld Are Here Here's the store catalog As far as the console and handheld are concerned, it looks like he's just reselling some shit you can buy from Alibaba but with his name stuck onto it
How nice of EA to license out Burnout Revenge for whatever the hell this is. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/129/1e216e5d-7d3f-4736-8d8f-dad10f32eae5/product-image-719952046_1024x1024@2x[1].jpg
Soulja Boy? What is this, 2007?
What kinda games are built in, do they have a license to sell the emulated games?
this totally isn't going to be a disaster
It's a "rebranded" version of these things you can get for cheap. No idea how licensing works for these or this is just also on some sort of grey-area market bootleg but with a fancier name attached. https://nds-gba.en.alibaba.com/product/60829324066-807470206/Handheld_Game_Console_3_Inch_HD_Screen_3000_Games_Retro_Game_Console_vidoe_games_players_gift_for_kid_Retro_game.html?spm=a2700.icbuShop.13317.10.465a4258FexEqY
Guys, its got Linux 3.0 https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/108619/5e05589f-bf4e-468c-961c-2b8f99449f8c/image.png
Jesus, that's some markup.
Ayy, I got this new console for y'all called the SouljaGame
https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0075/7566/6752/products/product-image-696301186_1024x1024@2x.jpg?v=1544001096 "HD GAME". Oh my gosh this is hilarious. Just in time for the holiday season!
This looks like something I'd see Ashens review. What the fuck.
I used to work for an e-commerce company that focused on these kind of things. Resellers like these are pretty much targeted towards certain audiences via timed and catered ads through usual social media sites and to those who don't know any better. They order the cheap stuff by bulk on AliExpress, Alibaba and similar derivatives, and connects to our storefront which is a similar layout to what SouljaWatch's site is. Some of the "luxury" watches we got on stock are around the $30-40 range on these sites, and they resell them with fancier wording and a more streamlined storefront for $99.99-$199.99. I don't have any hard numbers but even small unknown Chinese-based storefronts make a good amount of bucks with these since it's surprisingly easy to get an audience to buy cheap items on a large markup as long as you present it well. Guess Soulja Boy couldn't resist in making an extra buck in this kind of market.
Coming soon: PolyStation by Dr. Dre
I just noticed this on the bottom of their site. https://i.imgur.com/n9anf2N.png I love the period after Soulja. Soulja. Boy Tell 'Em.
I'm still waiting for the Soulja Boy video game to be released for the Xbox 720
I mean, that gotta be illegal and might land him in a ton of trouble.
I also like how he offers a $10 gift card when everything in the store retails for $20 or more. (The earbuds are currently on sale for $10, but that's still the only thing you can get with the gift card)
The Soulja Gameboy
My only guess at least basing from experience is that Soulja Boy himself is only 'promoting' the product with his name, but the distribution is handled overseas by an 'unrelated company' outside from the US where copyright stuff like this are taken more seriously. Though who knows, maybe he definitely didn't do the research on the legality of licensing the emulated games, and in the next few weeks there'd be a lawsuit coming up.
Man, I really hope Jeff from Giant Bomb gets one of these and they do a quick look or something.
This is going to confuse alot of grandparents also; https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/200318/c81cdbc2-b23b-4e62-a104-4dd4443138cb/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/200318/04f3cd86-eada-4d5f-8ed0-409df28caafc/image.png ????
It's like a fever dream made manifest.
fever dreamcast
Ya'll stop complainin like some hoes https://twitter.com/pokelawls/status/1058622588287512576
All we need is Souljacar,the true competitor to Tesla cars but instead of being run on electricity it's run on his music.
Nintendo is going to destroy him
Dropshipping e-commerce is a real fucking weird place. There's so many of these sites now because you can literally set them up in around an hour with turnkey solutions like Shopify and some plugins that hook directly into Alibaba to handle the management of shipments for you. Every one of those "FREE WATCH" kind of ads you see on Facebook and the likes will direct you to a dropshipper store, where it's almost algorithmic in how they're generated. Whatever your target market is, you can build one of these stores. Shit, you can just make up a target market using that "FREE X" style advertising. And as long as you're charging out the ass for shipping you'll be rolling in money. Most goods bought via dropshipping cost a fraction of their prices. There are entire communities online built around people cranking these fucking stores out as fast and as many as possible. It comes with so little real risk, and assuming you make it to market first with a specific product, a real possibility of easy money. But fuck is it a scummy practice.
Yeah, the job market here and with similar developing countries have constant job hiring for these kind of things. Almost everywhere on freelance sites centered around Southeast Asia there would be positions for writers, multimedia editors, virtual assistants and such on these kind of practices. I was laid off along with 80% of staff on my previous job in e-commerce due to some accounting issue that forced the company to downsize, but otherwise they actually got back on their feet a few months later and re-hired some staff (declined personally since I found a better and guilt-free job as a video editor). I had some rare glimpses of the stats my company were making and it's insane they really are making practically hundred thousands, if not millions of dollars on dropshipping. Small little gadgets, watches, trinkets and such that usually go for bargain bin prices are now suddenly being sold at a premium price, wrapped around a clean Shopify template and a quick 15-30 second video ad constructed from various images and videos found and stolen online. My previous company actually made a lot of money they managed to launch a Kickstarter project for a tourbillon watch and got successfully funded. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/937896050/era-timepieces-certified-millionaire-watches-under https://i.imgur.com/Oc0UPPZ.png Customer service too is usually handled via e-mail and Facebook, with very consumer unfriendly policies and guarantees. Which usually results in a lot of angry folk who would probably only muster up a "discount price" off their next purchase.
I wonder what the hell is in that handheld because it's reskin of a reskin, presumably derived from the RS-97 which licensed the shell of the Kevo 101. Does it have the same innards as the RS, or something worse?
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