• Too much sleep linked to a greater risk of disease and death, study finds
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As a result of my ADHD I either don't sleep enough or sleep about 10 hours. There is no inbetween. guess I'm fucked.
Yeah I have a complete inability (or lack of willpower) to wake up so I can sleep for 10+ with ease.
That really is an awful headline. They even say in the article that it may be that people who sleep more might have underlying conditions that cause them to sleep longer, so I don't think that sleeping more causes problems, but more that underlying problems are causing you to sleep more. but I guess having a clickbait headline like that gets you more views so whatever.
Although its already been said, it seems intuitive enough to me at least that those who are of poor health would have less energy, causing them to sleep more.
Damn, sleeping is my favorite activity.
My sleeping schedule has been fucked these past couple of weeks, getting to sleep at 5am and then staying in bed until 3/4pm, it feels worse now since it's getting darker earlier, I wake up panicking thinking it's way later than it is.
I was never able to wake up properly or get myself out of bed, but my new gf gets up super early so thanks to her I'm now in a good rithm where I actually wake up when its still dark and don't have to rush to get to work. I never thought I'd be able to get into this mode, but holy shit do I feel great and productive these days.
I mean, sleep is just a trial run of being dead, so
fell asleep at 5 AM and wake up at 6 PM got prescribed elavil to fix my insomnia ended up using it to fall asleep at 4 AM because taking it too early is inconvnient to my le hackerman programming hours got prescribed bupropion and amantadine to solve daytime fatigue issues and lessen amount of sleep end up sleeping same amount but instead I get mania from 5 PM till black out at 4 AM with mixing in caffeine pills for extra wakefulenss had to start taking beta blockers due to resting heart rate 120 - 140 eventually my hair started falling out, lost over 60 lbs and stopped remembering anything that happened more than 30 minutes ago living the dream boiz can't wait till my body gives out fix yo sleep schedule before you become the next me
knew I was doing something right all this time
But why do I feel well rested only after 10 hours of sleep? Checkmate, scientists!
My schedule goes like this. Wake up at 9AM. Sleep at 5am. Then wake up at 2PM and don't sleep till 11AM the next day. Wake up at 6PM then sleep at 9PM like a normal human being. Wake up at 11PM the same fucking night. Am I fucked already?
Yeah the title is a bit misleading, they sleep more because they have underlying issues that cause them to sleep more, not the other way around. Basically if you find yourself constantly sleeping a lot, get checked.
everything kills you
I sleep 12 hours a night because I have no job and nothing to do all day.
you're far from fucked imo what fucked up me was misusing the medication i got prescribed and not even trying to solve problem without it if i'd take sleeping meds at right hours, get my body into right sleeping schedule then slowly taper off them then probably it'd be all good I also have job that requires doing stuff around 1 - 4 AM of my timezone which complicates fixing up sleep schedule too and i'd rather not switch jobs anytime soon your path to fixing up sleep is probably a bit shorter than mine, requiring a bit of effort and positive thinking you can do this
I've found myself in this weird cycle with my ADD ever since I went back to using medication, although I prefer to blame college and staying up late to get all my assignments and shit done on time before deadlines hit. Maybe once winter break comes I'll be able to go back to sleep early again, I miss waking up early.
The causality is the total opposite of what the headline would have you think. Sick people sleep more, sleeping more doesn't make you sick
The title doesn't imply causality. It implies correlation. "Linked" does not mean "Leads".
Sleep too little, greater risk of disease and death. Sleep too much, greater risk of disease and death. Don't sleep, greater risk of disease and death. wtf
the only winning move is to not play
I choose to sleep all day, instead Can't get worried about your health and life if you're asleep
Shit I took a nap today. Guess my spleen is gonna turn itself inside out like a fucking sock.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/58143/7d1577e8-164e-4a8a-b7d9-c40b2bf7310f/Too much sleep.png
Just aim for 7 hours a night, can't go wrong with that.
Life is a terminal illness.
Where did you find this picture of me
My sleep schedule has always been crazy fucked up and getting the right amount of sleep now makes a huge difference for me. Better mood, more energy, better eating habits, all of it, I do everything in my power to make sure I stay disciplined about it because I quickly return to my old self otherwise I've done it, it's not impossible and you absolutely do not need sleep meds for it, they will at best make you dependent and at worst fuck you up further. I was told I "needed" sleep meds because of chemical imbalances and they made my problems worse. It takes time and you have to curb your habits which isn't easy. Stay off the computer late at night, eat at regular times, don't chug coffee whenever you're slightly tired during the day, make sure you wake up at a consistent time, all of these I had to force myself into and it made all the difference
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