• Probable release date for next Black Mirror season likely leaked
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https://www.indiewire.com/2018/12/black-mirror-season-5-release-leaks-fan-theory-1202024800/ Apparently it was accidentally leaked and it looks to be coming on the 28th of December. Fuck yeah!
I kinda miss the feel of earlier seasons(UK tv has a certain vibe to it that I love for some reason), but I have yet to see an episode I haven't enjoyed after the Netflix acquisition, so I'm pretty excited
Fuck yes all my hype I love this show
This show trips me out beyond anything I've ever watched before. I LOVE IT. But god damn it's terrifying to think that cookies are virtual identical copies of you that can serve you as a house, spend thousands of years per second for weeks as punishment, etc. It's nuts! Something that's been curious though is, could a cookie upload its experiences back into the host? That'd be a trippy episode. Assuming the cookie can maintain sanity for extended periods (a limit is mentioned but I don't recall it), theoretically you can speed up any learning process. Or like O'Brian in Star Trek TNG where he serves 25 years in jail in the span of like 5 seconds. THE COOKIES TERRIFY ME
Late by over 2 weeks https://www.reddit.com/r/blackmirror/comments/9yv8w3/new_black_mirror_december_28/
If you'd actually read the article, you'd know that the Tweet you just added is the source of the probable leak. @NXonNetflix accidentally leaked the Season 5 premiere date and first episode title. 
That was posted on Reddit 15 days ago, you know, if you actually click the link
Wasn't posted on FP though was it?
I can't possibly account for every online network's content. The majority of people here seem like they weren't aware of this news, and I didn't know about it either despite being a big fan of Black Mirror. Honestly, if you think it's late, feel free to leave a rating, but bumping the thread to complain about it seems to be counterproductive if you think the information isn't worth anybody's time.
Stop arguing semantics, it is late by 2 weeks but it wasn't posted on Facepunch so it's fine. Rate it late if you want but move on.
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