• Denmark, Britain top global league for climate measures
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Maybe, but Denmark's also doing far from enough, so honestly this is just yet another case of "we're fucked".
Its been a fight since 1970's oil shock (94% of our power was oil). I will say its largely thanks to: The large amount of windmills we have: 42% total annual electricity supply got covered in 2015. We encourage residents to turn into energy investors. E.g. Small tax cuts for citizens for installing a solar panel. (This is not possible anymore, since too many installed one) 3 huge companies (Danfoss, Haldor Topsøe, and Grundfos) that specialize in heating systems, faster/cleaner chemical reactions and water pumps that use 60% less energy than normal. We got more bikes than cars and a lot of our public transport are green and available. The nuclear power-plants in Sweden we import. Sadly, in an effort to get Denmark to use coal and oil, companies lobbied to get the country scared of nuclear power and we banned it in 1985. Hopefully, in the future we can lift that ban. (Yes, even my dad is skeptic about nuclear power)
Is this...a positive reflection on Michael Gove??
Danmark wins again.
I must say I am proud to be associated with your country.
This is where you start to weigh the benifit of 5 million people starting to violently contort and break their bodies to go further, or whether we should instead aim to lead by example and get the rest of the 800 million people in the west (who make up nearly 2/3rds of the worlds pollution) in on the action. FP has seen this discussion before, but i think Denmark is doing more than enough in that we're not stagnating in our efforts just because we're ahead. But i still think it's more about getting everyone else on board, rather than trying to do more than we can. The one big thing i don't see the Government doing enough about is the adoption of electric vehicles. I think they fucked up hard by making Road Tax and Registration fees as high as Gas cars. It really stopped adoption dead.
The Danish government could do a lot better if they didn't punish buyers of solar panels and electric cars because, and I quote, "they became economically viable". So it was fine getting taxcuts for going green when it was a novelty that weird people would do, but now it's actually an economically viable thing to do you don't incentivize it any more? Cunts, the lot of them.
(Some) electric cars are market as a "luxury car", forcing people to pay higher tax on import. Its good to know we're going in the right direction, but I fear we have to kick a few butts of the government before we can go further.
All electrical cars on the market that have range and performance to be qualified as daily-drivers and not just city-cars are taxed like ICE cars instead of electrics.
Uhm, where are you getting this from?
From my own Tesla-fanboyism and hatred for everything the VLAK-government does recontextualizing everything they do into 'literally Hitler' tier. Hey, at least I'm open about my shitty bias?
Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but are you saying the registreringsafgift is the same for electric cars as it for ICE? Because shitty as VLAK is, I'm very sure it isn't (yet, anyway).
I was just about to post a similar thing about the UK. Truth is that if we're global leaders, that's a really bad sign.
It is incrementally getting increased to ICE for the big electrics, which means you're shit out of luck for cars that can commute intercity distances.
Alright, wouldn't exactly call that being taxed the same. Retarded all the same, of course.
We may not be bringing you to your knees with plutonium but we're atleast doing something to you with nuclear power.
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