• BBC - Millenials used memes to get through the Great Recession
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All I can think of when I read articles like this is "how do you do, fellow kids?"
Cool story bro. Now can we not do it again? https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/2170/5194b99c-2974-4036-bbc3-a999dee567bb/image.png
Millenials used memes to get through the recession while the big banks that explicitly caused it through their greed got taxpayer bailouts. And we're supposed to be criticizing Millenials and blaming them for everything wrong?
The BBC is a meme
I'm 100% sure the 2020 recession will be blamed on millenials' spending habits.
This is truly a weird time we live in where the fucking twitter account for Steak-umms is saying more real shit than most news outlets.
I think the real problem with North American society is that we aren't putting enough of our senior citizens on ice floes to die. If we'd been doing that since the 80s, almost everyone in the Senate would be under 55 by now. No I do not want to kill your grandma. Call her and tell her how much you love her. And make sure you at least call at Christmas.
Luigi board https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15nNY7uofNw
So it was a bit like how economic woes in 1917 Russia caused communism except we merely seized the memes of production? I remember when memes were super basic, but there are so many crazy ones these days and it's always fun to discover new trends. Man, without the internet, I'd be so fucked.
Advice Animals were like the early films where no one had worked out how to use the format for true art yet. We are in the age of art memes now but what was the Citizen Kane of memes?
Both of mine are, too. I disagree with you politically but I wish you prosperity and happiness for this next year. Merry Christmas, you sillybilly.
probably All Your Base Are Belong To Us
I use memes to get through articles like this one.
I dunno what could serve as the movie as a whole, but if memes were the movie Pepe would probably be the closest to Charles Foster Kane himself.
Gee willickers I can't wait for the 2020 crash
Postal's ass.
I love this extension https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/561/71e294a2-4285-4b21-9cf9-d96e88b43fd0/grafik.png
looking forward to the virgin 1% and the chad 99% memes
I dabbed to this article
Become Batman.
And I'm 100% sure millenials' spending habits can be blamed on company's spending habits
Federal Reserve did a study recently showing millennials have the same spending habits as their parents, but they just have less money lmao
Not only basic, but people weren't pumping out memes every single day. So back then you could keep up with time and know basically all the memes. Right now there's like a zillion memes, makes it feel kinda convoluted.
I can't wait for the "millennials killed christmas" articles that'll show up at the end of this year.
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