• Netflix pays $100 million to keep 'Friends' through 2019
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all Friends is good for is background noise
This show has aged so poorly, its kind of a shame.
100 million https://youtu.be/shbxUe-S2V8
but not stargate
For the most part I agree, but Chandler kinda made the show great and worth watching to some extent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGb7sC4mpk0
First 2 or 3 seasons maybe, but the rest of them, not even close. I've been through the Friends multiple times over now and I still enjoy watching them.
I love friends but can we just let the show die?
I get people like Friends and I do too. But 100 million? Could you not do something better with that?
They aren't making new seasons or new content or anything, the show is dead and has been for close to two decades.They are just keeping it available for people to watch on Netflix if they want to do so, which you don't have to do.
Chandler was the only consistently good part of the show, I can't believe so enough people watch it to make this worthwhile
Chandler was meant to wear a bra?
https://youtu.be/jiviIyCLjAM Dude if free the nipple is the new wave of feminism, I really like 2018
Friends is fine. I have no further thoughts on the matter.
Friends is just Seinfeld but for white people
Here's an idea: how about people just watch a better show? Malcolm in the Middle will always be the best TV comedy.
Yeah those poor actors having to put on all that makeup and not being able to branch out into other roles
Didn't mean it like that. It's just that the show has been over for years. $100 million could have gone to something else.
Friends is retroactively generic. What i mean is, it's one of those shows where the jokes were copied so much throughout the decade that by the time you go in for a rewatch, the show seems extremely generic. Even it was the first to make those now cliche jokes, it just does not stand up to time.
that doesn't make sense. how can it be generic when it started off the cliche.
So money can buy friends
the same way superman was 'woah' back in the day, but now super strength and flight are the most boring, basic ass powers you can give a character
Because it was new at the time, but when you're coming to it after what made it new was incorporated into everything else, it just blends in.
Sure. Broken Angels def could have used all of that, the thing is Friends has a 30 year install base and no concurrent costs, and is the third or fourth most repeat watched show on the service; it also plays humongously well in other countries, not really hard to figure out.
Remember watching it over here in the 90's and i just never "got" it. I still haven't. Chandler is kinda funny, the rest of the characters are boring and Joey just does that same post-joke wide-eyed stare that Jack Black does every time he sneezes. I was having way more fun watching Cheers, Frazier and Spin City. Friends and Seinfeld are so overhyped globally, but the reality is that they only really work in certain English-speaking territories. The sheer reverence of it these days just comes across as people sniffing old boxed farts.
i like friends. it's cozy in ways. especially the first two or three seasons, when the characters still come off as human
Or Psych or Burn Notice or ya'know, anything slightly entertaining.
"Seinfeld" Is Unfunny
My girlfriend got scared when she knew Friends would get pulled off Netflix so she wanted me to do shady stuff to get all the seasons for her to watch. I can say that's good news for her... and me as I didn't want to download 50 GB of comedy gold.
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