• Fallout 76 Canvas bag fiasco just keeps going, support now leaks personal info.
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No news outlet has picked up on this yet, (or that I am aware of.) But putting in your support ticket to get your canvas bag will display your support ticket to other users trying to do the same thing. So, all those other people can see your full name, address and whatever else you have posted. Not only that, but Bethesda has tried to lock some of the threads.. and people can still post in them despite being locked. https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/a3ga47/i_am_getting_your_support_tickets_on_my_bethesda/ Bethesda is leaking your personnal informations through tickets ..
Good thing I didn't buy it from Bethesda or give them any personal info.
The ride never ends.
Whilst this could have happened to any major company. Bethesda you still had one job and you fucked it.
Fucking put Doom Eternal on Steam or I'm buying it on Switch, you fucks.
Holy fuckin shit
Scientists baffled by Bethesda's incredible ability to fuck up every time.
I don't see why it wouldn't be on Steam.
How in the holy fuck did you idiots fuck up this badly? The EU is going to eat them the fuck alive for this if a single EU citizen's data is in there.
You have to meet up with the person you've got the ticket from and then fight them for who gets the bag
Zenimax doesn't want to share any more, so they're trying to push their own shitastic client.
I don't see anything wrong with their client. Either way it's DRM free (or at least Fallout 76 is) so you can just download/update whatever game it is then close it.
Remember when this happened with steam giving out partial credit card information and purchase history Bethesda really can't catch a break lately, most of it is deserved but damn
The ride never ends.
This one game has been like an Advent Calendar of fuckups
How? Just how can you actually fuck up on almost every step. Yea, you can expect the usual stuff because its Bethesda but things like this or the bag thing to begin with is like so much fuck up on top.
I mean, I guess it's great this person came forward and aren't going to use the info for harm... But how many other people are getting support tickets of everyone? Everyone has to cancel their cards now. I would. Hell I'd cancel it and get a new one just to be sure if I've ever bought from Bethesda directly
Literally how?
Bethesda actually went fucking around in places they shouldn't
https://i.imgur.com/AmNlgFN.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/157/ed664640-a08f-43ab-8969-c3b54ee77e8e/unknown.png
https://i.imgur.com/vj9nRyH.png they won't
fallout 76 uses creation engine support pages use PHP 👀❗
Yeah I'd rather buy Doom Eternal on a console if it means not having to deal with Bethesda's shit launcher. It's clear the company never had any sort of plan ready in case of the event that people grow tired of their shit.
If you told me you made a game in 2018 using the Creation engine, I would laugh at you and call you stupid. If you told me you made a support system for a business in 2018 and it used PHP, I would say "PHP is gross", but still support PHP as a valid option for the job. PHP is gross, but it isn't comparable to using Creation.
What if someone were to edit all the tickets to have the same address and just flooded some dude with hundreds of canvas bags
lmao nothing wrong with their client literally posting in a thread about how they just leaked everyone's personal info through support Why would you trust their client to be any better
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