• Fallout 76 Canvas bag fiasco just keeps going, support now leaks personal info.
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"How to lose all your entire reputation in a month in 10 simple steps" A book by Bethesda. Seriously, how in the fuck is Bethesda so incompetent?
I really hope Eternal isn't exclusive to this garbage beth launcher. But Quake Champions moved to steam after starting out there so maybe there's hope for Doom still
Dooms practically guaranteed to be a good game and it might suffer loss of sales because of zenimaxs cuckoldry
You don't see a problem with it because you're using steam to launch it you eggnog.
Bethesda is so used to modders fixing their games that they are sending addresses out hoping that they will fix the bag issue.
How does this happen? I fucking refuse to believe that there’s no universal support base that Bethesda could use that would’ve entirely prevented this. seriously what would even cause this???
Jesus Christ, I'm for fucking sure torrenting the new doom game now. I'll go throw my money at a charity instead, will be a lot more justifiably moral to do than paying this shitwreak of a company a dime.
Bethesda The Publisher has a pretty good track record though, they love to take chances on games that aren't safe sells and I love them for it. Prey never would've happened without them.
having learned php i'm opressed everyday by comments like this they say gamers are the most opressed group but honestly they don't even get half the flak php devs do phpers rise up even the acronym is stupid
How can one company fuck up so badly and so much? What goes on in minds of Bethesda employees?
Not even crickets chirping by the sound of it.
That's because it's worthless without a connection to the Bethesda.net servers and a Beth.net account with the game tied to it.
Kotaku and other sources have now picked it up https://kotaku.com/bethesda-support-leaks-fallout-76-customer-names-addre-1830892930
I've never seen a company fuck up so consistently like this since, what, EA circa 2017? Granted, Bethesda mishandled one game compared to EA's three, but boy howdy.
I don't see why not, probably not made by the same team.
Difference is EA was already the bad guy to the public. Now people have become aware of Bethesda's shit, which makes this even more disastrous for their PR in my opinion. It's worse to fall from grace than to never have any to begin with.
how long till fallout 76 kills a man?
I'm sorry, but you know "bethesda the publisher" are the ones screwing this up? They're the ones in charge of honoring the duffle bags and they're the ones leaking peoples info here. Bethesda took the moral high ground at e3 and it was funny and satisfying to see that the big companies were aware of the growing trend of ignoring customers wishes and just plowing ahead with anti-consumer trends. But in light of that, it just makes these past 3-4 weeks of behavior even fucking worse. because we know they know that we see them doing this shit and they just flash their sociopathic smile back at us like "who're you gonna tell? no one will listen!" There are none of the two Bethesda's that are doing well in this. The other dev houses (Arkane, iD and so on) are not involved, but all of the Bethesda's are shitting the bed hard right now.
The "best"/worst part about this fucking situation is... this is attempt #2 at delivering on an advertised item in the $200 limited edition version of the game, with the helmet and everything. They're leaking the info of their superfans (and those who're just wealthy enough to buy the most expensive option because who gives a fuck I'm rich) who just wanted their canvas nylon canvas bag that was advertised to them. Like hoooooooly fuck, this is backpedalling after the cell behind you was unloaded for optimization's sake and it doesn't load back in so you fall off the edge of the map into the void and die. I bet Todd's right now wishing he'd just cancelled the entire damn project two years ago.
Marvelled at just how far a single company can fuckup in the period of a single month. More like what acronym, PHP literally stands for nothing as they just tack on what it is onto the end (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor), some megamind bullshit there or something god if I fucking know.
Yeah as much as I like Bethesda (the publisher) for allowing games like Dishonored 1 & 2, DOOM (2016), Prey (2017), The Evil Within 1 & 2, and Wolfenstein TNO, TOB, and TNC to exist, they really need some improvements to their management. If they don't try to improve, I'm worried that DOOM Eternal could potentially be Id Software's last good game or their swan song.
Yeah you're such a good person, taking any entitled excuse to steal a game. A real robinhood.
Why is saying that you're going to torrent something bannable? It's like saying I'm gunna go run around naked and being arrested for indecent public exposure without actually doing it
It's because most forums on the internet keep piracy down low. Mostly because open discussion of it inevitably leads to some idiot leaving traces or outright linking to warez sites. It's such a thin line to walk between just discussing it and implicating yourself and it's honestly just easier to ban discussion relating to peoples personal participation in it. I can get why certain Reddit communities can talk about it. Neogaf/Resetera could probably get away it, but people often forget that Facepunch is the official form of a development house. So beside the whole risk of personal implication, it can also end up killing a company. It's kind of this weird thing where the entire industry just ignores piracy and pirates unless some company is crying about it for headlines.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/247204/8b7f2b3a-7828-4d55-835a-eef4ce59d273/dtd.jpg OC
Calling it now. Their security has the quality of the duffel bags, which will result in buyers getting pwned and will have even more personal info get thrown into the void. Really makes me wish this was on gog/steam/whatever else instead, for everybody else's sake.
Baggle Royale?
It isn't. It was a mistake, and he's been unbanned.
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