• Marlboro maker in takeover talks with Canadian cannabis firm Cronos
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Marlboro Greens soon?
That was quick. Not sure if it was this specific brand, but didn’t cigarette companies as a whole always hate weed until like the past 2 years when talks about making it legal fame around because it was causing them to lose money cuz people were smoking something other than cigarettes?
Well guess what, soon we be smoking other than cigarettes, but they still get the cash. They must have hell of an experience in lobbying too.
lmao @ the idiots who want to give big tobacco companies money for shit weed. Weed is like alcohol, it's better to find a microgrowery and sticking with them.
tbh, I don't trust them not to put a bunch of addictive and dangerous shit in there
They may will even try and monopolize it in some way, too, regardless of how successful or sensible that could ever be If there is a single thing that's bad out of this it's these bloodsucking cuntpanies getting their hands on it
i really pray that big tobacco push for weed cause then they can use their lobbying power for something that benefits us all: freeing the weed... and then only buy from small dispensaries so u don't get killed by the dangerous shit they shove in there
I wouldn't put it past them to lobby in a manner that makes it impossible to grow it legally unless you're a big manufacturer.
This reminds me that I've never actually seen a pack of marlboro menthols do they even exist?
I think they're a very American thing. I've never seen them in Australia.
I find this kind of irritating, I mean i do not smoke weed anymore but still much more preferable than tobacco that has been drowned in toxic chemicals. If it's one thing that the weed industry doesn't need it's this.
If they have the lobbying power to decriminalize, they sure as hell can lobby to get strict regulations on distribution and licencing in their favour. You will only be able to buy at outlets they have signed off on...
Back to private growing then i suppose
They do, but they were specifically created to target black communities in the United States.
We all knew these were coming. The only problem is when they start tinkering with their cannabis cigars like they do with tobacco cigars.
That was what all the stoners I grew up with called them when they'd empty them and pack weed in there.
Well, it's either that or they start making joints that are just rolls of paper.
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