• NieR: Automata has reached 3.5 million shipments and downloads world wide.
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http://www.siliconera.com/2018/12/05/nier-automata-reaches-3-5-million-in-worldwide-shipments-and-downloads/ Easily my goty of that year.
Bought the game basically for the music and the wonderful ending, unfortunately didn't care much about the gameplay itself or the art style
lets be real here: the r34 prolly helped a bit
Well deserved. NieR Automata was a really fascination game and I enjoyed every single minute of it, in every aspect. And it also introduced me to the mad genius Yoko Taro. Looking forward to whatever he will come up with next.
Well deserved
The game does have a great backstory.
Hands down one of my favorite games. For the gameplay, the plot, and the plot.
Still can’t believe Yoko Taro was like “Hey, if you degenerates find any lewds of my game, please bundle it up in a nice little package for everyone”
I love that weird, unconventional games like this can still be commercial successes. Really keeps me optimistic about gaming.
I guess I should really give it a shot at some point. For a while I thought people got it only because SEXY ROBO GRILL so it went under my radar.
I have yet to finish it. But I'm loving every bit of it so far. I accidentally finished the game for the first time before doing all the side quests. Now I want to start over from the beginning
Amazing game, it really deserves the praise. It's a pity that Square Enix has never patched the game on PC and still depend on fans solutions.
He also said if he could make any extended media for his games, he'd do a porn video. So now if you want all the backstory for his games, you'll have to watch the musical, and then the porn. Yoko Taro is now my hero dev, simply because he's crazy and honest.
I ended up preordering this game because of Platinum's track record and the booty was a bonus. Then I played the game and it ended up tying The Witcher 3 as my personal GOAT. I don't even like to look at lewds of 2B since playing the game; I don't want to fug her, I want to hug her for doing her best.
As insufferable as the 2B fanbase is, I gotta say, this game has a killer soundtrack and some really heartfelt moments. I'm glad it's doing well.
I'll just tell myself that those 2B cosplay porn videos I've found are canon so I can keep watching them for lore reasons
Why be a fan to 2B when you can have 9S or A2.
I actually would rather play the whole game with the combat armor you get in the last levels.
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