• The Playstation Classic has been hacked, 3 mere days after its release
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http://wololo.net/2018/12/06/the-playstation-classic-has-been-hacked-3-mere-days-after-its-release-and-of-course-it-runs-doom/ https://twitter.com/yifanlu/status/1070483982553206785 https://twitter.com/yifanlu/status/1070483458265243648
how do you fuck up this badly
i mean, it doesnt hurt sony in any way so it isnt really a fuck up the nintendo classic mini consoles are the same, you plug the system onto a pc, press a couple of buttons and you can sideload all the games you want to
I mean, I said it in the other PS Classic thread, but you can literally stick a USB keyboard into this thing and mess with emulator settings out of the box, no finangling necessary (though the whole thing's prone to crashing or potentially bricking itself simply because the emulator itself is kind of shit). It shouldn't be any surprise that Sony didn't remotely attempt to even tighten down security whatsoever on the system, and the fact that they left 16 games out on the cutting room floor because of licensing issues means this thing probably was just hacked together with a bare essential of components and effort with maybe one or two UI designers.
im talking about the code used in that tho
It's more so that sony saw an opportunity to make a quick buck on the classic console emulator trend. The hardware and software is incredibily low-cost plus what effort was put into the device was probably just making sure it was presentable and ran. The code only had to work enough to sell the device, no more, no less.
but why even bother putting in pseudo-security in the first place then
Who cares? It's basically a fucking RPi with an emulator.
lol minimum effort would be saving time by not writing this completely pointless bit of code. im sure they could've done fine with unencrypted roms.
If anything this might make Sony more money depending on how much effort people are willing to put into this over assembling their own raspberry pi setup.
Maybe, though the current Raspberry Pi has a A53 CPU, which is a bit more powerful than the PS classic's A35. Probably doesn't make sense economically to pay nearly twice as much.
Its a REALLY nice case tho
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