• Teacher who denied Santa will not return to school
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Never understood the people that genuinely go out of their way to spoil shit like this. My parents never bothered with Santa etc., but even I have no desire to go up to some kid and say "Timmy, Santa didn't get you that shitty gift. Mummy did."
There's an argument I heard a little while ago that made me think about this in a little different light. If you live in an area of income disparity, being a young kid watching well off kids get lots of gifts from "Santa" can lead you to think that you're a bad kid, that you didn't do enough to earn Santa's approval and this can result in loss of self esteem and such. I'm not sure how far reaching or how applicable this is, but I certainly see the logic of it
Call me crazy but I don't think that teachers should be fired for correcting absolute fabrications.
That makes sense, but even then I'd say parents are responsible for breaking the news. Not your Maths teacher or some stranger on the street. I say the latter because I genuinely have known people in my life that have spoiled shit like this for young kids out of some sick enjoyment. Not your place, dude.
The world could do with less Santa. Please stop lying to your children like this.
45% of the United States wants them taught in schools outright.
And 42.1% of the United States approves of Trump.
I think the argument is more for not involving Santa at all, rather than breaking some news that you lied to your kids for multiple years for the sake of a feel good story I never understood Santa, and I get the idea of giving kids this kind of gleeful mystery about the world, but I honestly have only seen it cause problems with kids, parents, or general indifference to the whole concept.
It's actually more that you lied to your kids to manipulate and control them into behaving well with the promise of material rewards at the end of the year. How is this a healthy thing to do to your children
It's just a thing everyone does, if there's no Santa and stuff kids might not want to perpetuate the Christmas consumerism splurge.
I know it's a thing everyone does but that doesn't justify it.
never understood why people lied to their kids about this stuff never believed it as a kid either.
Big business will continue to shove Santa down out throats no matter what.
Kids will definitely still want to get "things" as they value things more than people in general. Santa doesn't make a lick of sense to me, fostered a divide between me and my parents for a few years, and did the same in some households of friends and family as well. I'm not 100% opposed to it, but I don't get it, and I don't know why people would keep pushing it without analyzing it.
Right but we're talking about whether or not it's justified for a school to sever ties with a substitute teacher over this
I'd say the school board simply doesn't want to deal with angry parents.
I get that but does that seem just to you That seems like more awful people in charge who care more about their own personal comfort than the livelihood of someone who was trying to teach.
Are you kidding me Geel, I love your website because I did win a bunch of unusua- I mean steam wallets and they make me very happy its like an equivalent to christmas. While Santa might have been real many centuries ago in the form of a very humble person, Karma and Lady Luck are definitely real! to me at least.
I thought there was a war on xmas tho why didn't she get a raise!!!
Educator sacked for educating, lol Dispelling superstition is always a good thing.
oh wait Trump saved Jesusday
I'm not entirely sure what you're saying. I just don't think we should be lying to our children with the knowledge that we will have to admit that we lied to them for years all because it was useful to control them into behaving well.
Are you upset your parents gave you a lump of coal for being a shit or something
If you'd bother to read my posts you'd know what my issue with Santa is. Epic zinger though. Jackass.
Santa is fun to believe in. I'd teach my kids the joys of him. It's also double as a test of cognitive thinking to be able to rationally explain why he doesn't make sense.
I think we can present Santa as a fun fictional character without lying to the kiddos.
I remember years ago as I child I figured out early that Santa wasn't really a thing, decided to tell people in my class and kids started to cry, I didn't quite understand as telling the truth was a good thing. Then the teachers told me as was a liar and punished me by removing me from the other kids for a bit until I "stopped telling such nasty lies" honestly, I think the Santa crap does more harm than good, I preferred actually KNOWING my parents were working their ass off to get me things instead of some magical fat man.
No you can't? How do you tell a child "This is from Santa" and not be involving a fictional character in the real world? Fundamentally, - no you cannot. You can teach him as a "story" but you can't use him as a parable or as a life lesson if he's "actually" giving gifts
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