• Teacher who denied Santa will not return to school
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Holy shit you can't be serious "A deity" you mean a nigga with a flying sleigh, do you think we were worshipping Santa at the Alter of Claus hahahahahha No sane set of parents uses santa as some big red fat fuck behavior control device that they constantly lord over their children with If yours did they were shitty parents, sorry
I mean your tone, and attitude on this issue basically make me have no interest in "debating" you to be totally honest, but here we go again. I'm not reading "too much" into santa clause. Some poor people I know brought up the point that the rich kids at their childrens school always have the best toys, gifts, and clothes after christmas, and that they just personally can't afford to pay for all that kind of stuff for their kid. Their kid still believes in Santa, and so do the rich kids. The poor kid in this situation is a saint, and has genuinely cried a few times in the last few weeks over the fact that just like last christmas, he won't be getting as much as the rich kids who are assholes at the school. This has genuinely caused this 6 year old emotional issues. You're saying "That only happens to kids raised by bad parents". I'm telling you right now, you're wrong as fuck on that count. Being so dismissive of any idea you don't like sure won't make you receptive to even discussing it like an adult to be honest.
You better watch out, you better not cry Better not pout, I'm telling you why Santa Claus is comin' to town He's making a list and checking it twice Gonna find out who's naughty and nice Santa Claus is comin' to town He sees you when you're sleepin' He knows when you're a wake He knows if you've been bad or good So be good for goodness sake
Sorry, but you really need to stop talking about "Sane" parents like that means anything. What the fuck is a "Sane" parent? What are you defining as a "bad parent" or a "Bad childhood" and how assumptive do you think you're being with every single one of these "Facts" you keep throwing out there with literally nothing but your own ass to keep them afloat?
Yes as the young boy walked into my daily reading of traditional Claus-Cult scripture "Santa Claus is Coming To Town" sometime in early spring because this is something we do year round, I, a six year old boy, deeply contemplated the verses of this dark and unholy hymnal as a grim forewarning of coal to be received should I, for but even a second, act sinly under the unfaltering gaze of Saint Nicholas the Thrice-Woven as I was stricken by an Elder Disciple of Claus in accordance with the ways of old, Eternal Terror until the Winter Solstice was achieved. Actually no we just sang it at a christmas party before christmas break without putting that much thought into it because we're SIX YEARS OLD LMAOOOOOOOOOO
Santa is real you fucking heathens.
You're responding to something that was never said. What a joke.
Yeah, 6 years old means you can't have any emotional issues without having been raised by "totally bad parents" This is what is known as an "Assumption". LMAOOOOOOOOOOO. When you can start proving your assumptions are more than just things you think are true based on a personal experience that a few of us obviously disagree with then we'll have had a discussion. As it is now, you're literally just repeating yourself that any and all deviance from your opinion on this subject represents weakness and bad parenting. So, put up or shut up I guess.
I'm not here to argue, I'm here to mock people who are desperately crawling through life to look for something to be offended by because they got pranked at five year old by fucking BIG CLAUS
my evidence is the vast swathe of, at least, my country that grew up without Santa-Related mental issues despite being cruelly savaged by The Saint Nicholas Myth Again, no one has actually studied this because it's a wholly dumb premise
Because most parents are the way most kids find out Santa isn't real right? Not like as they get older they figure it out, you know, through thinking?
mommy mods PLEASE help why won't anyone take my grievances with Santa Claus seriously??????
"something has to cause mass-scale mental disorders in order for me to accept that lying is wrong"
not everyone is dumb when theyre 6
what have you done yet other than regurgitate reasons as to why you think that is the case?
Yes, it is okay for parents to tell totally harmless lies to their children for a few years when the only downside is, uh, good memories?
Your evidence is you going "LOOK I DON'T SEE PROBLEMS", plugging your ears and going "I can't hear you" in response to ideas, or concerns you don't have. You don't have to agree with me on my view, I'm not "against" santa claus, I'm merely capable of acknowledging scenarios and situations occur that my assumptions cannot account for. You can't imagine a world where your assumptions don't fit the real world, and you become insulting, and childish when confronted with this. Does that kid I spoke about not exist? Do his feelings literally not matter? Do you KNOW he was parented poorly? Or are you just full of assumptions, hot air, and vitrol?
Except you've been presented with a number of downsides and decided that you didn't care about them. You not caring about the downsides doesn't mean they don't exist.
I outlined the case of a kid I personally know who is affected by income disparity as it relates to Santa. I also haven't advocated for removing or destroying Santa, if you've even tried to read my statements. I however, do not see a strong reason to continue the tradition as it is, as it relates to the issues of income disparity, and as it relates to teaching kids lessons poorly.
Yes, if your friend came out of childhood with issues related to not getting a toy for Christmas or something he was parented poorly
Teaching children that material rewards are directly tied to how good of a person you are is harmful because it is wholly untrue.
hlod the fuck up are we swapping gears to needing to stop santa claus to fight wealth inequality now too this guy is a fucking big red tyrant
Sorry, this is quite literally Fucktarded. "Kid has ANY emotional issues? BAD PARENTING". You literally couldn't speak out of your asshole any louder
big BOLD words to stop SANTA CLAUS harder yes if your friend has emotional issues tied to being told santa exists his parents did a shit job raising him or he has mental or emotional issues that need to be addressed (which missing would also be bad parenting)
You're the only one switching gears. And by that I mean the gears in your brain are screeching as they attempt to switch from one mode to another, hindered by the complete lack of lubricant that is critical thought.
The cookies and milk are literally gone in the morning. Can't explain that shit.
Can y’all just chill out and like stop tearing each other apart? This is not how discussions are meant to be done, yelling, screaming and going full total destroy on everyone.
Me and Santa aren't on good terms. I had some psychotic issues as a kid and I thought this fat fuck was reading my thoughts at all times so I had to try really hard not to think about boobies.
So you don't deny that it does happen If every parent that uses poor parenting practices is literally insane in your view, boy is your world a dark place
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