• Fortnite being SUED by rapper 2 Milly
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https://twitter.com/i/events/1070640234277167106 Attention All Fortnite Gamers
The suit goes on to allege that Epic "has consistently sought to exploit African-American talent," using Will Smith, Snoop Dogg and Donald Faison as examples. Unnecessary race card = played
part of me thinks it's ridiculous, part of me thinks it's kind of a good point i mean, they make tens (if not hundreds) of millions of dollars off of other people's dance moves and don't pay any royalties, if they did that with people's musical compositions there would be public outcry
Dances don't have the same protection as music. Thats the core of it basically. It is not easy to trademark a dance but can be done, although by default you don't have a copyright necessary. I like how they mention Donald Faison but Epic did contact the producer/rights owner of the show and got the okay to use it.
copyright for dances applies to full coreographed routines, but not just one or two moves. it's like, you can copyright a ballet but you can't copyright one particular twirl within that ballet routine, just as you could claim copyright to a song but not just a chord within that song. you could certainly argue that it's unethical for epic to be making money off of it and not even giving the guy a shoutout via the item name or anything, but i'm not sure that would hold up as far as a lawsuit is concerned
About to set some legal precedent I guess. Look out WoW.
Man I wish wow had gotten the dance studio in Wrath. We would have people whining about WoW dances instead
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can tyler ninja blevins save fortnite
i heard that suing over dances is basically impossible
Ironically, they probably can't do a name shoutout, because it would violate a trademark.
They could if they put any effort whatsoever into attempting to use the dance with the creator's permission.
Yes let us patent and trademark dances because oh those poor musicians who need money just cant get it anymore so let us literally and unironically limit the freedom of movement our bodies offer because video game player models are doing them. Also no there wouldn't be a fucking outcry because if you enforce what people can and cant dance on any level your just killing the party for one and your being a massive dick by saying what people can and cant do with their own arms and legs. Here's some example headlines to show you how stupid what you proposed is: Black keys sued over allowing trademarked dances at their concerts. Prince died and so did his illegal dancing ring Harry partridge sued and channel taken down over animating several trademarked dances in his back to tamriel video Royalties for dancing sounds a bit ridiculous now does it not?
This is both stupid and good at the same time. Being sued over a dance is pretty stupid, but at the same time I can’t say I’m not a little happy that there is the chance someone will finally knock epic games off their throne and bring them down a level. Ever since fortnite took off their entire mindset as a company changed from what it used to be and they have been doing some pretty stupid shit.
The idiot had to make his argument that much less valid by pulling the whole race thing. Not like they're taking dances from everyone, right? He should be compensated though, if he originally made said dance.
im not a lawyer so i'm not gonna argue how you would implement this and i don't think it should be enforced the same way as music copyright, but surely something is wrong when a video game studio can practically rotoscope a dance beat for beat and then sell it directly as an mtx item, making insane profit without ever compensating or even crediting the original source
No its not wrong to make money and no one is entitled to money for coming up with a idea or dance or whatever if they don't capitalize on it. Just because bob Ross painted happy little bushes doesn't mean its wrong for me to set up a colored pencil company with the name happy little bushes.
There is a big difference between someone using a dance move in real life or a video and someone selling that dance move as an in game purchase or as part of merchandise.
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