• The economy killed the millenials, not Vice Versa.
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https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2018/12/stop-blaming-millennials-killing-economy/577408/ When researchers compared the spending habits of Millennials with those of young people from past years, such as the Baby Boomers and Gen Xers, they concluded that “Millennials do not appear to have preferences for consumption that differ significantly from those of earlier generations.” They also found that “Millennials are less well off than members of earlier generations when they were young, with lower earnings, fewer assets, and less wealth.” Millennials aren’t doing in the economy. It’s the economy that’s doing in Millennials.
Seriously have to love the blame game even though millennial aren't the ones running the fucking country. Absolute cunts.
I wonder what the government will look like the milennials take the reigns.
With the national murder rate in long-term decline, it may even be said that Millennials are killing killing. The greatest generation tbh
economy is more important than people anyway
Mark Zuckerberg email about third party apps plugging into Facebook released by Parliament: That's good for the world but not necessarily good for us.
It's almost like the 1%'s obsessive hording of wealth and the previous generation's dismantling of government safeguards against that has drastically reduced the amount of wealth in circulation.
Baby Boomers killed the Millennials by killing the economy. They grew up in an age of unprecedented prosperity. You could work one job and afford a house, multiple cars and whatever else you wanted. You could go to college affordably and not be in debt the rest of your life. You had strong unions to protect your amazing job, that made sure you got raises and a pension. They had fucking everything and it turned them into greedy entitled cunts who grew up and voted for whoever promised them lower taxes no matter the cost to keep the gravy train rollin'. They shit all over their parents who worked hard to transform the country after surviving two wars and a depression and destroyed everything they did to make the country work well for the average citizen. All just in time to retire and be sitting on their fat pensions while everything burns down around them saying "BOOT STRAPS!", "HARD WORK!", "WHEN I WAS YOUNG..." And now they wanna blame people who are just now entering society who have had no chance to affect anything. They're a generation of sociopaths. Fuck 'em, man.
Baby boomers as a generation were given everything and are making sure that those who come after won't have anything
Being given everything simply ensures sociopathy is prevalent. Why would their grandkids' lived being better benefit them? Of course the #notallboomers caveat
I'm fortunate enough to bring home $3k a month after taxes without a degree, but I can't afford a living because I was selfish enough to have a brain tumor and a stomach in the chest (long story), so now I'm floating $30k in debt. Then, I want to add my wife to my insurance too, but I pay $25/m for my insurance, add her, it's $750/m. Yeah, you can make it in America as a millennial, just be healthy and DO NOT make the mistake of being born poor!
When it comes to medical shit, some people are just straight up born into debt that they can never recover. Shit is fucked.
If we have it this bad, I can't imagine what it will be like for the generation below us. They will be happy to even move out from their parent's place. Only reason it isn't obvious to boomers that its gotten bad, is that despite all that, technology keeps improving and getting cheaper, masking it. Sure, we have all this great stuff they didn't when they were younger. But we can afford it, not because we magically make more money than you did, but because its so crazy cheap, because of outsourcing and improved manufacturing. A 16" color TV in 1970 cost about $350. Adjusted for inflation, that's about $2200. You can buy a decent quality HDTV for $250 dollars now, and that was a whole $40 back then. You couldn't even buy a 12" B&W site for that much back then.
Pish posh! The world seems just fine from the top of my ivory tower. It's not my fault those millennials can't raise enough money to out-lobby me.
I've found a great way to shut down boomers in arguments about how fucked current generations are is to ask them "Okay, so who raised these selfish, entitled people?" Sometimes you have to draw them a picture or two in crayon for them to finally get what you're stabbing at, but it shuts them down pretty quick otherwise.
Honest Abe is the only white guy on there who doesn't look like a total fuckboy. Ironically the only time my father is critical of Trump and/or the Republicans is when they go after the USPS. Naturally because it affects him he realizes their stupidity but abruptly forgets it when they go back to fucking with other people. To be fair to my old man, though, living in NJ when he was my age was no easier than it was today. Cost of living was still absurdly high for him, he couldn't afford college(neither could his parents pay for him, instead they charged him rent.) and a bundle of other painful events left him with a bitter taste in his mouth that turned him into another GOP drone.
We'll duh, a group of people at a certain age are not a hive mind, obviously external factors influence our behaviour in a way that's noticeable.
It's definitely worth reading the entire article if anyone just glanced over it. I just finished reading it now and really enjoyed it.
For years now the government here has struggled with the question of "Why aren't any people under 40 buying houses???" like its a big mystery and the idea that none of them have any money apparently hasn't crossed their minds yet.
I completely forgot that I installed an extension that changed the word Millennials to Snake People and I was so dang confused looking at the title of this. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/231806/4c67e043-0d45-4c29-9757-cd07c89f5249/image.png I do hope the previous generations can understand what is currently happening instead of simply blaming their successors though.
economy? thats a funny way of saying 'avocado toast'.
Adjusting prices to match today, my parents bought their house for what would now be around $150,000 just short of 26 years ago. That same house today would cost at least $450,000. It's actually worth closer to $550,000. They were able to buy that house making less money than I am now (with 3 kids). If you want to buy a house in this part of California now (not a pacticurally geographically desirable location) you need to make a minimum $150,000 a year. So 25 years ago, you could buy a house in the area making only $40,000. The cost has gone up substantially, but wages and desirability have not.There's a buyer's shortage for homes right now, yet their costs keep rising. Something is horribly wrong here.
I have pretty high hopes to be honest. I fall at the tail end of the Millennial generation, but the vast majority of those I went to school with, and those I still keep up with are pretty exceptional in various ways. Lots of compassion, lots of ambition despite our seemingly hopeless future, and lots of talent. My high praise obviously didn't apply to everyone, but as a collective whole we will be a force to be reckoned with. We just have to find the right people to rally us together.
I absolutely cannot recommend giving Studs Terkel's Working a read. It's an entire book full of interviews from the 1970s-- that mysterious decade when the Baby Boomers were just barely reaching into adulthood, and the Silent Generation was slowly seeing the norms and mechanics of their world fall apart around them in the face of the demand for peak efficiency in both production and consumption. Back then, jobs were divided into two effective categories: soul-crushing muckraking that paid well enough to put food on the table, and work that you love that paid barely enough to afford your mortgage. We don't really get the latter one anymore.
pretty much. I read the liberal voting pamphlet when i was at the ballots and they had shit like lower taxes and "more cops stationed at public areas" and i audibly said fuck off because it was so out of touch of what we need to improve society. Serious question but is there a reason to lower taxes assuming the goverment isn't totally pissing it away? To me on paper it sounds like "more money for personal use but less money for society". Here where I live it would be great to improve some public projects so lowering taxes seems like it would just make things even worse. Also here in Melbourne we have a lot of boomers who bought houses cheap and those prices have more than doubled, it's a very common thing for boomers to buy multiple houses and just rent them out for cash. Meaning the younger generation can't buy into the property market and rent is high due to demand from lots of migrants and jobs being close to the city. Which ties back in to needing public infrastructure needing work because having a central hub for everything means a robust public transport system and roads. Which we would not improve with lower taxes, further just adding to Boomers being incredibly selfish. tl;dr: boomers got it good here in melbourne sitting on money from property and liberals appealing to boomers by not prioritizing the interests of the younger generation, out future.
Don't. By the time anyone makes it high enough to start changing shit around, they're already as soul-crushed and driven into the swamp like the rest of them, and that's more or less universal a rule. There needs to be something more than just waiting for our generation to take the reins.
Now we get the worst of both jobs.
In the biggest picture—from cars and houses to restaurants and grocers—Millennials aren’t serial killers. They’re serial scapegoats. Hit the nail right on the head there.
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