• Amazon workers hospitalized after robot releases bear repellent.
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https://www.engadget.com/2018/12/06/amazon-workers-hospitalized-robot/ Seems like they could barely take it.
Clever girl
If the warehouse robots ask for neurotoxin, don't give it to them.
I saw bear on my phone and assumed a Amazon robot had dropped a bear trap onto a worker
Thank fuck for workers comp, asuming they got it.
If Amazon had any PR sense they'd throw money at these people immediately
the sad reality is that if Amazon could get away with it they'd fire the employee's and not pay a single penny
Mobile layout had me very confused https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/214983/df396eed-59f4-40ec-900e-317cb96d011c/Screenshot_2018-12-07-10-15-10-1.png
An odd but effective way of overthrowing your human overlords.
For a minute I thought the robots were equipped with bear repellent.
Alexa, add Bear Repellent to my shopping list
They say it was an accident but in reality it was just a bug in Amazons new system to make workers work even harder.
Hospitalized? I've been covered in/inhaled the stuff and it made for a rough 3 days but I kept working after a shower and a detergent soak and didn't leave the mine.
Everyone has different sensitivities to the ingredients. I've been gassed with OC and CS and had a normal reaction, others in my class had allergic reactions or reacted more harshly to it. This is a warehouse and it is likely that it was a enclosed space with very little airflow. There are people who can have pre-existing medical conditions or even allergies which can kill them if they're exposed to OC/CS.
I know this is a joke but I wouldn't be surprised if Amazon was actually gassing their warehouse employees for "disobedience".
shodan, eat your heart out.
How did you inhale bear repellent and not go to the hospital? Getting OC and CS in your eyes usually isn't that much of an issue but inhaling it, especially in an enclosed space sounds like a one-way trip to the hospital.
The eye issue is blindness. It was an accidental discharge, and I was coated in it and got it in my sinuses and lungs. Crucially, I wasn't in an enclosed space.
I bet they don't differentiate between potentially explosive or harmful chemicals and normal packaging. Ideally aerosol stuff should have been stored in a separate area where they could be contained.
Bear spray is usually weaker than pepper spray iirc
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