• Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gets a battle royale mode
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CS:GO Introducing Danger Zone - a fast-paced battle royale game mode built on CS:GO's tactical gameplay where players use their wits, skill, and resources to fight to the finish.
https://thumbs.gfycat.com/MadHastyAnnelid-max-1mb.gif why?
It's free to play now too. FREE TO PLAY
Unless the update hasn't hit yet then it's still only free to play with offline bots and GOTV matches.
https://reel.geel.tf/4oryqi8uy6hj5uv3fla1.png Not really. At all.
There has been talk and hints of this for a while now. Years in fact as I recall.
That was a few months ago, read Valve's post. It's not updated yet. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/134246/9e021c94-4eb5-4970-ade5-0062ff60373d/image.png
CS:GO play a better game.
I dunno, CS:GO's gameplay is actually pretty tight since it's a Valve game. Sounds like it could be pretty cool if implemented correctly.
Man their trading restrictions must've really hurt their bottom line lmao
moba ✅ card game ✅ battler royale ✅
Imagine hitscan battle royale with Valve's anti cheat.
Why does the picture of the map at the bottom look like an HD version of the Half-Life 2 Coast
free to play ✅
Valve, one the hallmark of storytelling and cornerstone of PC gaming, now chasing paper.
I'm not fully sure, I like some of their ideas and that a smaller scale royale might be fun. But I'm not sure CS:GO really fits that kind of gameplay as its gameplay excels at 5v5 with good level design.
I started playing CS:S again, and I really miss the mechanics of that game. Missed the surfing and gungame maps.
It was inevitable, it will happen to every dev eventually. Die a hero or become a villain is real in the game industry.
Remember when Valve set standards for the industry, rather than just following them?
Source just will not work for a Battle Royale game.
How is the crappy old source engine going to handle big maps for the battle royale mode though?
Thats what disapoints me, I might love this mode, but what happened to Valve? Why are they doing this, Steam gave them a fuckton of money, they should be pushing new ideas, not following trends.
at 13 fps
Its only 18 players, so guessing its as big as source allows. Also, didn't they say they were updating CSGO to Source 2? What happened to that?
Could be why it's 18 player limit lol
How many players are in a match? If you queue as a solo player, you'll enter a 16 player match. If you queue as a squad of two or three, your match will have up to 18 players. There's a lot less players, so the map might be smaller too.
It's sad seeing Valve go from trend setter to trend follower.
Then it's not going to be a good Battle Royale.
There is probably a reason its only 18 people max...
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