• 6 french fries?! Harvard professor's recommended portion sparks outrage
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https://www.today.com/food/harvard-professor-recommends-portion-6-fries-sparks-outrage-t144304 What's the point
Sounds to me like Eric Rimm, a professor of epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, just doesn't like french fries.
What about chips? They're typically much bigger than french fries!
What next, a single lick of an ice cream cone?
I bet this dude drinks la croix too
Maybe french fries are actually just terrible for you and you shouldn't eat them and should eat something else instead
I'd rather have no fries because after 6 I'd just be tempted to eat more.
french fries are a staple food of the world how dare he does he want me to starve
Okay but pushing aside all the ironic "fuck that no I need fries via IV" posting, these kind of studies are pretty significant so at least people know what exactly they're taking in and how trash it can be. Like, I used to drink two cans of soda in a sitting in high school. Now I'm thinking "JFC that's horrifying." Some people just chow down without a care because no one told them. Well... Now someone told them. You want to gorge on fries? By all means. But it's important for people to know just how awful a lot of the stuff that's so common to eat, is.
Why don't I just move to a diet of white rice in water?
I like fries too much to stop just at 6.
why not just eat junk food a minority of the time, but when you do you enjoy yourself? sheesh
X has done Y and has left Z outraged Spin the wheel to find out what the next media buzzword will be once outraged stops meaning anything
What's next not licking mayonnaise off the knife? Eating microwave popcorn bags?
They can take our lives but they will never take our potatoes.
If you do either of these things you should re-evaluate your life, if you're happy with it after that then by all means keep doing it but uhh, I'll still think it's gross.
Nice to be of the apparent minority of people who don't really like French fries.
I have a few overweight loved ones in my life and I've always wondered the same thing. I've watched my mom, sister, and ex struggle with their weights and have even gone through a recent 30lb reduction myself. I think that some people eat when they're bored/sad and not just hungry, stretch out their stomach lining, and then associate that empty, grumbling feeling from their stomach as a painful feeling that needs to be satisfied to go away. I think when you're used to eating so much, you get that feeling even when you've had all the calories you need for that day.
>he doesnt eat popcorn bags I guess you dont eat shredded cheese by the handful either huh mr university
Yeah no I'm perfectly willing to destroy my arteries instead of giving up french fries.
whenever anyone tries to tell me something i like is bad for me i just feel a stronger temptation to eat it even more
Well if nobody is going to say it....I'll say it. We're here for a good time not a long time.
This kinda stuff is a good reminder that what we consider "normal" or "okay" for processed food isn't that healthy - it's not necessarily "bad" for you, just...not that great either. Like how p much everyone should be eating a buttload more fruit and veg than they do, comparing what you normally eat in a day vs the recommended (not that meagre 5 a day bullshit, like 8+ baby) and you just kinda have to accept you really can't be arsed to do this whole food thing properly
bro i dont eat chips to be healthy i eat chips to fuck my shit up
Are they that greasy or wh- starch bombs Oh, so this man just really hates potatoes, got it.
BEscuse me but french fries are a POTATO and potatoes are VEGETbales so that makes french fries with ketchup a potato-salad with purred tomato topping which is obv healthy so how about you shut up?
getting some potato famine vibes in this thread
Yea Fight me
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