• Game Awards: God of War Wins Game Of The Year
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https://kotaku.com/god-of-war-wins-game-of-the-year-at-the-2018-game-award-1830927034 Winner list: Game of the Year Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Celeste God of War [WINNER] Marvel’s Spider-Man Monster Hunter: World Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Game Direction A Way Out Detroit: Become Human God of War [WINNER] Marvel’s Spider-Man Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Narrative Detroit: Become Human God of War Life is Strange 2: Episode 1 Marvel’s Spider-Man Red Dead Redemption 2 [WINNER] Best Art Direction Assassin’s Creed Odyssey God of War Octopath Traveler Red Dead Redemption 2 Return of the Obra Dinn [WINNER] Best Score / Music Celeste God of War Marvel’s Spider-Man Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Octopath Traveler Red Dead Redemption 2 [WINNER] Best Audio Design Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Forza Horizon 4 God of War Marvel’s Spider-Man Red Dead Redemption 2 [WINNER] Best Performance Bryan Dechart as Connor, Detroit: Become Human Christopher Judge as Kratos, God of War Melissanthi Mahut as Kassandra, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Roger Clark as Arthur Morgan, Red Dead Redemption II [WINNER] Yuri Lowenthal as Peter Parker, Marvel’s Spider-Man Games for Impact 11-11 Memories Retold Celeste [WINNER] Florence Life is Strange 2: Episode 1 The Missing: JJ Macfield and the Island of Memories and more in the article.
Lets see how much people freak out that RDR2 didn't win Game of the Year.
I had an amazing time playing God of War, and it's the only game this year which so totally subverted my expectations on what a sequel/reboot to a long running series could be.
I like RDR2 but Im so glad God of War won this cause I honestly feel that God of War is a perfect mix of solid gameplay and actual meaningful storytelling with characters that develop alongside you as the game progress. And it's beautiful to boot.
I think God of War winning Game of the Year, and Red Dead Redemption 2 winning Best Narrative was the right call. Red Dead 2 was amazing, but the mechanics could be a bit iffy at times, namely movement stuff; its story and pacing however, was unmatched I feel.
RDR2 is my goty; but I've yet to play GOW; still glad to see that (at least in my mind) the underdog win though (Only in the sense it's Rockstar's name; not commenting on the quality of GoW).
GoW really was a great game. I wouldn't say it's the best game I've ever played but it really was flawless.
Wish Christopher Judge won best performance just so I can hear him speak again
Giving any rockstar game 'best narrative' is a total joke lmao
I would have chosen Red Dead Redemption 2, but I have yet to play GOW.
I just finished GoW yesterday and it was easily my goty. Such an immersive and interesting world. Rdr2 was good, but it was really overhyped and made me feel a tad dasapointed when I played it to find it was just their typical formula with some survival stuff sprinkled in.
I wonder how Todd Howard feels now
Celeste, Dead Cells, and Return of the Obra Dinn are some of my favorite games from recent history. I'm pretty surprised about the last one.
Surprised Detroit didn't win best narrative given how much it stood out compared to all the rest in terms of what it was conveying.
you could potentially say that for the GTA games but did you even play RDR (1)? i havent played 2 but it sounds exactly as good as 1 was in that sense
It's like giving you the best poster award, huh?
It won best narrative and best audio, and frankly that’s fine.
it's okay if you didn't play it, rusty
RDR has a good story, but the emotional connection I felt between Kratos and Atreus impacted me far more than any story, movie, or game. I feel like RDR is cutscenes and dialouge, where as God Of War told its story in such a way only a game could.
Monsterhunter winning best rpg is proof that few people seem to know what rpg stands for.
Staying up til 6am to watch this and playing a drinking game whereby one shot for cringy stuff was a massive mistake. I'm surprised i'm not dead, let alone not having a headache that would make the Battle of the Somme look like an episode of the Teletubbies.
I'm surprised you didn't die when Sonic Fox took the stage
that dude has massive power and is 100% like that irl lmao and u can't tell me u wouldn't be nervous and a bit awkward in front of that many people. i'd fucking disintegrate. his line about being what republicans hate was perfect, fuck if i could have pulled it off
For me the majority of the last third of RDR2 felt like filler. The big story beats that happen near the end were great, but all the mundane shit you do in-between almost made me not finish the game. Travel for like 10 minutes without anything happening, shoot some dudes, repeat. Gow was great from beginning to end, I had none of that fatigue kicking in at any point. Gow was neither too short nor overstayed it's welcome. After the credits rolled I was just left wanting for more in the form of a sequel. I can't say the same for RDR2. I'm sure I'll still end up spending more time with RDR2 overall since there's so much more stuff to do with online and all that, but the 20-30 hours I spend with gow was much more fun than anything in RDR2.
I've had a PS4 collecting dust since I finished Bloodborne. I guess maybe I should get around to trying GoW.
Deserves it, GoW is a fucking phenomenal game. When it was first revealed I thought they turned God of War into some weird Last of Us clone, but I ended up doing a complete 180 on it and enjoyed the shit out of it. The game is crisp, it's presentation of the story is unparalleled; the camera hardly, if ever, cuts so I found myself playing it for hours on end, sometimes upwards of 5 hours at a time, without even realizing it because I was so fucking immersed by the story and the performances of all the actors. It isn't a flawless game by any means, nothing is, but it is a damn good game.
I was terrified when the new god of war was revealed. I could swear to Christ they were going to ruin it. I’m so fucking happy to have been wrong. The game may not be perfect, but god damn it’s up there. And it’s not that I just feel for Kratos and Atreus. Santa Monica really came through on this one. Imagine the risks they were taking. Pulling a full 180 on a franchise that used to give no shits for storytelling whatsoever. When you think of how many ways this could have blown up in their faces, it makes sense when you see Balrog fucking dreading the lifting of the review embargo. Then he completely loses his shit as the positive reception starts coming in. My point is, Santa Monica needs to pat themselves on the back cause they fucking killed it. I absolutely want a sequel to this. Especially with how many loose threads the ending left.
I guess im in the minority here but i really never liked god of war games. Are the new ones good or something? I remember years back i thought most people here also disliked god of war about as much as cowa doody
I don't really think the older GoWs were bad, people probably complained because they were popular and by the time it got to 3/ascension franchise fatigue was setting in pretty majorly. The newer one is fairly different in thats more of an open world compared to the strictly linear style of the old series.
God of War really falls apart on higher difficulties, but it falls apart in a way that, for me, is super enjoyable. If you're an action game fan that likes beating challenges with utter skill, you will not like GMGOW difficulty. If you are a QA tester at heart that likes finding stupid strategies to cheese your way through impossible bullshit, you will LOVE GMGOW (past the first few segments that aren't possible to cheese) On all difficulties though, GoW has a drastically downwards sloping difficulty curve. I wouldn't say the game is anywhere near perfect because of that and other issues (like unlockable abilities that make your moveset worse and no ability to un-unlock them)
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