• Crash Team Racing remaster announced
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https://www.polygon.com/game-awards-tga/2018/12/6/18130033/crash-team-racing-nitro-fueled-remaster-trailer-release-date-tga-2018 Article says it's a remaster but it looks more like a remake.
All I ask is they don't change it too much. CTR has a near perfect blend of casual and skill to make it fun for everyone. If they change the more technical side of the game to be simpler, I feel like it would lose a lot of what makes the game hold up even today as one of the best kart racers around.
Son of a bitch, CTR was my childhood. I wasn't big on the platforming games but I played the shit out of CTR.
6 months away though.
I'm loving that they are remaking all of these PS1 games. Really hoping for an Ape Escape remake at some point.
Where's my Speed Punks remake.
"we can reuse most of the character models" was probably a selling point on the pitching floor.
Only if Konami re-releases Metal Gear Solid 2's multiplayer featuring the apes from Ape Escape to go along with it.
I can't wait to beat that fuckface Nitrous Oxide in Adventure Mode again
According to Naughty Dog he was intended to be a jumping-the-shark style joke villain but he was abolutely amazing for the limited screen time he got.
Team Buddies and Rampage. That's all I want.
oh wow i better start learning how to boost drift
Online Multiplayer confirmed for what is possibly my favorite game of my childhood. I can fucking die happy now. Disclaimer: I’m not actually dying, I’m just stupid fucking happy at the moment. Now who do I need to hit up about a Hydro Thunder remake?
I love this trend of bringing old console games to all modern systems. Even if they were available on PC before, simply having modern norms applied to them (widescreen, 60 fps, universal hardware support, streamlined controls, ...) is enough of a reason for me to buy them.
COMPLETELY ERECT https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/199089/7481fbc4-56b1-4f76-bdba-4b9124012eb7/632.jpg
Welcome to the Adventure Arenaaah
I just hope they add the missing characters.
This. I have a friend who has mastered the classic CTR game to a degree I didn't even know was possible. The guy never loses a race because he manages to stay constantly drift boosting and hitting all the best shortcuts. He legit knows the game like the back of his hand.
I was one of those people in lots of racing games (still am). It kinda sucks because nobody wants to play them with you because your so damn good.
More kart-games is always a good thing. While Mario Kart will always be the best, shit like Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and Crash Team Racing are great to have too, if only for variation in console availability.
I'm kind of sad that the market got so oversaturated with cart games that poeple stopped buying them. I love those cheap quick games with my favorite characters.
Was kinda hoping we'd see a remaster of Crash Nitro Kart with it, considering it's pretty much a direct sequel. Later Crash racers dropped the ball, but CNK was pretty much the perfect CTR2.
I swear if it has the same physics as the jetski levels from the 3rd game in the N. Sane Trilogy, I will hate all the things. SUPER glad its getting remade though.....PC release in the future as well right?
Same with platformers. I love me a good platformer. Indie's got 2D platformers down, but 3D platformers are really hard to come by. Hopefully the sales of Crash and Spyro remastered will make AAA publishers take notice, that there still is a demand for 3D platformers.
Nah mate the CNK boost physics and item distribution/balance made it play slower than CTR. Plus the story felt like a less impactful rehash of the Uka-Cortex dynamic, but without giving Oxide much attention at all and basically downgrading him to nothing instead of having an axe to grind. Give me the CNK tracks with CTR physics and items and we're golden.
I never really noticed the difference, but maybe that's because by the time I got CNK, my CTR disk was long gone so I never really played them side-by-side so much as years apart. Dunno where you're getting the Uka/Cortex thing, though. The story was about Velo kidnapping both sides and having them race on an intergalactic stage for his subjects' entertainment. Oxide was there so that he and N. Trance could make up third and fourth factions for the game's team frenzy mechanic. Still, I wouldn't mind CNK's tracks/campaign being there with CTR physics. It's whatever; I just want CNK back too.
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