• Man raped by inmates during 'scared straight' prison tour awarded $175K from B.C
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Man raped by inmates during 'scared straight' prison tour awarde.. The B.C. government has been ordered to pay at least $175,000 to a man who was raped by several inmates during a "scared straight" tour of Oakalla Prison four decades ago. The victim, known by the initials B.E.S. in court documents, was a teenager when he was forced to visit the Burnaby prison in the late 1970s. The tour was one of the terms of his probation for break and enter — a sort of "scared straight" form of sentencing to deter teens from committing crimes in the future, the judge told his parents. He laid out what happened next during an appearance in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver earlier this year. Now 54, B.E.S. testified that a prison guard "grabbed him" when he arrived at Oakalla and led him to a cell where a group of inmates was waiting. The men tried to force him to perform oral sex and then took turns raping him, according to court documents. He said the guard stood at the door, laughing, while he was sexually assaulted. When it was all over, B.E.S. said the guard pushed him against the wall and said, "That's what happens to little f--kers like you." What the fuck
What the fuck That's the only appropriate reaction to this. Holy shit that's horrific.
Note: this man is now 54 years old and this happened "in the late 70's" This means he couldnt have been more than 15 years old at the time.
He said the guard stood at the door, laughing, while he was sexually assaulted. When it was all over, B.E.S. said the guard pushed him against the wall and said, "That's what happens to little f--kers like you." So did this guard not realize he was being a scummy cunt for actively encouraging this shit or
He probably got the job as a guard for the sole purpose of fueling his need to feel like he has power over people. Guy clearly has some issues. On a related note; I hate how programs like this exists in the first place. The US is so obsessed with this prison culture.
It is their modern version of slavery, cheap workforce that disproportionally consists of non-whites and people from poor households, while their friends and family can be exploited for visiting/calling especially in private run prisons. All the while the GOP stooges can make the appearance to be 'tough on crime' while they cash the lobby dollars of the prison lobby. Utterly fucking fucked from start to end.
B.C. is in Canada? Unless you were comparing to the US I guess.
I must have read it sloppily. I thought it was in the US. Sorry.
The idea of showing them what happens when you commit a crime is good, but they fucked it up real good. That guard has to have mental problems.
The question is, did he ever do crime after that
Irrelevant, this doesn't excuse what happened.
The private prison industry is the one thing in the United States that scares me from ever traveling alone. I'm not driving through fucking Louisiana and risking arrest because I have a California license plate and make less than three figures a year.
$175k seems like a measly sum compared to how fucked up what happened was, I just hope it helps the victim in his life presently. It's also a real shame it took so long to get justice, I really hope this type of thing doesn't happen in scared straight programs regularly.
Louisiana did major criminal justice reform last year, now Oklahoma is the state with the most prisoners. Shame to say but private prisons being abolished would heavily impact the economies of several states, just like slavery 150 years ago.
I wonder if shit like this warrants legitimate boycotts.
Well I'd rather ruin a couple of state economies just to get rid of the Anti-human rights hell holes that are private prisons. also I'm not calling you a liar but where did you come up with the states' economies being heavily impacted by abolishing private prisons, I'm kinda like to read up on that.
Really wondering if this guard did this to anyone else. If hes that fucked up to do this once I shudder to think what else he has done.
Here's an article about this from a BC newspaper today He was 14 https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/223911/2e4a0cfc-e5e3-4253-9fa1-dce16106428b/20181207_084005.jpg
The sum should be at least 10 times that amount and everyone who participated including the guard should spend their last few remaining years in those same cells (assuming any of them are still alive).
Private prisons are simply big business with a lot of investment dollars and large corps contracting their cheaper labor, I'm no economist but a large source of cheap labor being gone would impact stuff, at least till it's moved to Asia lmao
Removing slave labor from a state is definitely going to impact it economically.
This is BC, Canada.
i'm not gay but $175K is $175K
So let me get this straight; you would be okay with being raped while the guard watches then having to deal with the trama and fight for justice for nearly 30 years just so you can get $175k CAD... What in gay hell is wrong with you?
Its Oklahoma's fault for relying on such despicable money making tactics. Thankfully we've been slowly creating criminal justice reform but the Rural areas that benefit most from jailing non-violent offenders (around 8/10 being drug related) deserve to take the hit. Ruining peoples lives for profit is despicable.
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